5 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

5 days everest Base Camp Trek

5 Day Everest Base Camp Trek: Do you want to visit Everest Base Camp, but don’t have enough time? Then our 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek is suitable for people with limited time on their hands.

Usually, the classic route takes about 10 to 14 days off your schedule. But our package lets you visit and return in 5 days. Don’t worry; you won’t miss out on any of the adventures.

Similarly, you will get to experience both trekking and helicopter ride on this journey. Moreover, you will be trekking for the first three days and do the helicopter ride for the next two days.

Your trekking journey begins as you fly out to Lukla from Kathmandu. After your arrival, you trek to Phakding and stay the night. The next day you head to Namche and from there hike to Syangboche the following day.

You catch your helicopter ride from Syangboche and head towards Everest Base Camp. Spending some time there, you fly back to Lukla and then to Kathmandu the next day.

On this trek, you will be viewing various magnificent peaks of the Khumbu region. Such as Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and many more. You will also enter the Sagarmatha National Park, where many endangered plants and animals live.

Another attraction would be learning more about the lifestyle and culture of the Himalayan people. Many ethnic groups reside in this region like Sherpa, Bhotia, Rai, Thakali, and Magar. Among them, the majority of the people here belong to the Sherpa community.

This 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek package is full of an exciting and adventurous journey. You will be exploring the beautiful Khumbu region on this trek. The beauty of this region will blow your mind away.

Highlights of 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Visit Everest Base Camp
  • Helicopter ride to the base camp
  • Visit Namche Bazaar, the largest Sherpa village
  • Stunning view of various snowy peaks
  • Walk-through Sagarmatha National Park

5 Days Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

7 day Everest Base Camp Trek

As you may know, our 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek is a short version of the original trek. We have made this package suitable for travelers with limited time. It is a perfect opportunity to reach the base of Mount Everest and explore the region in a short time.

To know more about the 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary, you can read further below:

Day 1: Fly To Lukla from Kathmandu then Trek to Phakding

Flight Duration: 35 to 40 minutes

Flight Distance: 138 km

Maximum Altitude: 2843 m above sea level

Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Trek Distance: 7.5 km

Maximum Altitude: 2660 m above sea level

Today your 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek journey begins in the high Himalayas. Waking up early, you get ready, eat breakfast, and wait for your guide to pick you up from the Hotel.

Meeting up with your guide, you guys head towards the airport and board your flight to Lukla from there. The airtime of the trip is quite short, so enjoy your time in the clouds. Soaring into the sky, you get the spectacular view of the monuments, mountains, and valleys.

Viewing these mesmerizing scenarios, you arrive at Lukla. This place is well-known for having a narrow airstrip. This flight is one hell of an adventure for thrill lovers.

After your arrival, you meet up with the porters and other remaining staff. From here onwards, your trekking journey begins as you move toward Phakding. Heading out of the town, you descend in the trails and head towards Monzo.

As you walk a bit further, you reach on trails that follow through the side of Dudh Koshi River. You will follow the trails to Phakding. This day’s routes are not very harsh and challenging.

Phakding is a popular stop or rest point for trekkers. This village consists of several guesthouses where you stay for the night.

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Day 2: Phakding to Namche Bazaar

Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Trek Distance: 7.4 km

Maximum Altitude: 3440 m above sea level

Today you head towards Namche Bazaar from Phakding. After having your breakfast, you pack your bags, head out of the city, and set off towards the north. You begin the trek by walking along the sides of the Dudh Koshi River.

After walking for several hours, you do an uphill climb in the trail. And pass through several small villages like Zamphuti and Benkar. On your way, you will see many shops and guesthouses situated here.

You will have crossed two suspension bridges over the Dudh Koshi River before reaching Monzo. This is a small village located in the valley of Dudh Koshi River. Now, you head in the south direction towards Jorsale.

Walking in these trails, you see the beautiful vista of mountain peaks and landscapes. Viewing them, you ascend in the trails entering the colorful forest of rhododendron.

As you walk a bit further, you arrive at the entrance of Sagarmatha National park. This park is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites of Nepal. You need to provide permits in the checkpoint to enter the park.

After that, you move ahead in the trails and reach Jorasele, where you have your lunch. The trail begins to get harsh and challenging from here onwards. The routes are rugged and steep till the Khumbu river.

Crossing the river with the help of a suspension bridge, you get the glance of Tabuchi. Then making an uphill climb on the routes, you get your first glance of Mount Everest.

A bit further from there, and you arrive at Namche Bazaar, the largest Sherpa settlement of this region. This town is the center for trading in the Khumbu region.

You get to see many lodges, shops, restaurants with wifi here. It is also well known for cheese made of Yak milk. You can roam and explore the valley.

Stay here tonight.

Day 3: Namche Bazaar to Syangboche

Trek Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Trek Distance: 4.5 km

Maximum Altitude: 3790 m above sea level

Waking up early this morning, you have your breakfast and head towards Syangboche. Heading out of town, you ascend in the trails following the narrow path. Walking in the tracks, you get to see the magnificent Mount Everest.

This day’s journey will be a tiring one as you have to make many ascend and descend in the trails. Along the way, you will pass through many prayer wheels, mani walls, and monasteries.

This day you will get to see the spectacular peaks of Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and many more. Also, the beautiful view of landscapes is quite eye-catching.

This trek lets you experience the lifestyle and culture of the locals, monks, and nuns closely. After walking for a few hours, you arrive at Syangboche. This place has varieties of accommodation you can choose from.

Among all, Everest View Hotel is quite famous among the travelers for holding a Guinness world record. This hotel holds a record as “hotel at the highest altitude in the world.”

Day 4: Flight to Everest Base Camp via Helicopter then Fly Back to Lukla

5 days everest Base Camp Trek

Flight Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

Maximum Altitude: 5364 m above sea level

Today is an exciting day in your 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek journey. This day is the most awaited day of your trip when you reach Everest Base Camp. You will be visiting your destination via helicopter ride.

After a delightful breakfast, you board the helicopter and begin your trip towards the base camp. Flying into the sky, you can witness the beautiful Khumbu valley below.

Also, the snowy peaks look stunningly breathtaking from above. After a few minute’s ride, you reach your destination. You will be staying here for about 10 to 15 minutes due to altitude problems.

You get to witness the beautiful Mount Everest and various other peaks from here. Reaching the base of Mount Everest gives an overwhelming feeling to the travelers.

You can also add the option to visit Kala Patthar, the viewpoint. This place gives an up-close view of Mount Everest along with the panoramic view of other peaks. It is the highest point of the Everest Base Camp Trek.

After spending some time exploring the area, you return to Lukla for the night. You can roam around this town and visit restaurants or cafes. Today is the last day in this region, so live this moment.

Day 5: Flight Back to Kathmandu from Lukla

Today is the final day of your trip, as you will be returning to Kathmandu. Waking up early, you have your breakfast and head out to the airport. You catch an early flight back.

Viewing the mesmerizing scenarios of peaks and valleys, you arrive at Kathmandu. The remaining day is unplanned and free. So, you can rest or visit places during this time.

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Best time for 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is Possible at any time of the year. However, you will be trekking as well as flying on this trip. So, your experience differs according to the season you choose for travel.

Many travelers prefer Spring and Autumn, the best time to visit the Everest Base Camp. These are seasons when the beauty of nature is at its peak. Also, the climatic conditions are suitable for both flight and trekking.

To know more about the best time for 5 days Everest Base Camp Trek read further below:


Spring is the beginning season of the year. This season brings new chapters and the lost greenery of the hills along with it. As winter has just finished, the forest’s paths have buds of flowers ready to bloom.

March to May is the month for spring. The weather and temperature are quite favorable during these months. The skies are clear and bright, giving out the best view of the peaks and landscapes.

Also, it is sunny during the day, so don’t forget to bring your caps and scarfs. As for the night, it can be a bit cold in high elevation. This season is perfect for Nature lovers.


Autumn is the peak season of the year. The season when the beauty of nature is at its best. The forest paths are covered with colorful flowers and vegetation during this time.

September to November is the month for Autumn Season. These are the months when even the climatic conditions are in its peak time. The weather is mild during autumn, making treks quite comfortable.

The skies are clear, and there are no signs of rainfall and snowfall during these months. It is warm and sunny during the day, while it can be chilly during the night.


everest base camp trek in february

Winter is the off-season for Everest Base Camp Trek. This season is the coldest time of the year when there is an occurrence of heavy snowfall in this region. The routes and peaks are covered in white, making the views look fantastic.

December to February is the month for the Winter season. The weather is warm and windy during the day time, but it can be freezing during the night. Also, the flights are usually delayed depending upon the climatic condition.

The routes can be challenging due to paths covered in snow. But the skies are crystal clear, giving you the fantastic view of the snowy peaks. However, the trek is possible during early December and late February.


Monsoon is the least preferred season of the year. This season is the time for continuous rain showers in the lower region. However, there are fewer chances of rainfall in high altitudes.

June to August is the month for Monsoon Season. Trekking in lower regions during these months can be challenging and thrilling. Also, most of the flights are canceled and delayed during these months.

The routes are slippery and muddy due to rain showers. Also, the views get hidden behind the dark rain clouds making the trek dull. However, due to heavy rainfall, the paths are full of new species of plants and flowers.

5 Days Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulties

Trekking in high altitudes is never an easy task. You will face various difficulties along the way. So, we have mentioned a few possible challenges you can meet in this trek below:

Route Difficulty

Even though you will be trekking for only three days, the routes will be exhausting for beginners. During your journey, you will be walking in steep hills and rugged paths.

The routes are full of challenges and thrilling adventures. You will be walking for about 5 to 6 hours per day, which can be harsh for people that are not familiar with walking long-distance.

Weather Condition

Everest Base Camp Training Plan

Weather always plays a vital role in the treks. Your adventure and excitement depending on the weather condition. You will be trekking and flying on this trip so that is why clear weather is quite necessary.

If the weather condition is excellent, you get to enjoy your journey viewing various magnificent peaks. Also, your flights won’t be canceled or delayed. But if the weather condition is unfavorable, you might even get stuck here.

So, always check for weather forecasts during your trip to Everest Base Camp.

Physical fitness

5Day Everest Base Camp Trek is a moderate level trek that is suitable for both beginners and experienced. However, you need to be physically and mentally fit to finish this trek.

You won’t be needing any technical training, but physical exercise is a must. These physical exercises can be done in your home or on your own. You don’t need to hire a trainer or visit the gym.

Physical exercises require running, swimming, hiking, long walks, meditation, and many more.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness is always a significant problem when trekking in high elevation. On this trek, there is no acclimatization. So, suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness is quite common for trekkers.

Some of the symptoms are dizziness, vomiting, nausea, headache, breathing difficulty, and many more. If you find any of the symptoms, then immediately inform your guide. They will give you further instructions on what to do.

While walking in high altitudes, always drink plenty of water and take rest in stops.

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