Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost and Itinerary

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost

Annapurna Base Camp is widely considered one of the best trekking destinations in the world. The rugged trails and breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayas are the prime attractions of this trek. There are diverse landscapes of terraced farmed hills, fast-flowing rivers, green valleys, vast meadows in the Annapurna region.

The estimation of the total cost is an essential part of any high-altitude trekking adventure. It depends on the duration, itinerary, accommodation, visa and permit, transportation, and other factors. Personal expenses play a significant part in the total cost of the trek package.

If you decide to take various side trips during this journey, you will have an increased cost. The cost of a trek also depends upon your personal approach to travel. If you are someone who travels on a budget, you can save costs to quite an extent. Similarly, if you want to experience the best service and travel luxuriously, you will have to pay more for the trip.

Furthermore, you can also get porter-guides who work as both a porter and as a guide. They will provide you services of both and help you reduce the total cost of the trek. Read further for Annapurna Base Camp Trek cost for Nepalese and foreigners in detail. You will also know about individual cost breakdowns and multiple tips on saving costs during your trek.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost Breakdown

Accommodation costs

The accommodation is another crucial factor for this Annapurna Base Camp Trek cost. There are many tea houses and lodges along the trail. These places provide basic facilities for food and lodging. Some tea houses also offer hot water services, electronic charging, Wi-Fi, and others at an added cost. However, these facilities are not available high along trails.

In the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara, you will get luxury facilities in vast choices of accommodation. There are many five-star hotels in Kathmandu that will cost you around $110-250 for a couple of day’s stay. You can get basic facilities of bed, pillow, mattress, and a blanket in these accommodations. It will only cost you around $3-5 per day in these teahouses.

Transportation costs

Transportation is an essential part of any trekking journey. Nayapul is the starting point of the Annapurna Base Camp trek. You need to take a local bus or any other vehicle to arrive at the starting point. Kathmandu to Nayapul local bus via Pokhara costs around $10 per person.

If you take a private cab, it is more expensive with a price of around $110. A local bus journey can be pretty stressful and taxing for someone who has not traveled on Nepal’s roads before. A morning flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara costs around $200. It also depends upon the season of travel as the price fluctuates quite frequently.

Visa costs

Every foreign national traveling in Nepal requires a visa. However, a visa is not needed for Annapurna Base Camp Trek cost for Indians. Trekkers can also get their visas at the Tribhuvan international airport in Kathmandu upon their arrival. You can also get them ahead of the trip by applying online.

Moreover, the total cost for a Visa of 15 days is $30. Similarly, you can get a visa of 30 days and 90 days for $50 and $125, respectively. You can get more information about this on the Department of Immigration’s official website.

Permit costs

Trekking permits and conservation area permits are essential for trekking in Nepal. You can get these permits from various places in Kathmandu or through your trekking agency. Annapurna Conservation Area permits (ACAP) and Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) are two essential permits for this trek.

ACAP permit fee is US$30 and US$10 for foreign nationals and SAARC nationals, respectively. Similarly, TIMS permits for group trekkers are US $10, and Solo individual trekkers can get them for US $20. Moreover, SAARC nationals can get this TIMS card for US $3 if you’re traveling in a group and US $6 if you’re traveling solo.

Food and Drinks Cost

Meals and drinks are a vital part of any trekking journey in a high-altitude region. Basic meals in tea houses cost you around $1-$3. The menu of food and drinks in the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara is quite varied. You can get various Intercontinental and world cuisine in these cities. However, the menu list is quite limited to the high-altitude tea houses along the trail.

You will get served Dal Bhat twice a day. It is a Nepalese dish that is quite nutritious and excellent for your trekking journey. You can also get pasta, momos, pizza, noodles, and others, especially in lower region teahouses. The price of food gets expensive as you move up to high altitudes. This is because all these food ingredients need to get transported on a yak or carried by a porter.

Moreover, the food costs can range up to USD 5-10. You can get drinks around the high altitude region for around USD 1 to 5. Teas of different flavors, including masala tea, rhododendron tea, mint tea, and others, are available at USD 0.5 to 2. Besides that, you will get hot water for USD 0.5 to 2 per cup. You can also get teabags, coffee powders, juice powders, and other snacks to save costs during the trek.

Guide and Porter cost

A professional guide and porter is a must for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. It is essential to hire them for your safety and ease of travel. However, if you have any experience in trekking the high altitude region, you can also take this trek solo.

A guide will help you navigate along the trail and keep you safe. They will also help you learn more about the culture and interact with the locals. You can get a professional guide at the cost of around USD 30-35 per day. You can also get them through a travel agency.

Similarly, if you love to trek with no stress, then you can also hire a porter. They can carry up to 20 kg weight and cost you around USD 15-20 per day. Besides, you can also hire a porter-guide. They work both as guides and porters and will cost you around USD 20-25 per day.

Gear and Equipment Cost

The trekking gear and equipment in Annapurna Base Camp Trek cost is around US$500-1000. This trekking equipment will keep you safe as this ABC trek trail traverses along rugged and challenging terrains.

Moreover, the trekking gear cost differs from a professional trekker to a first-time trekker. You can also get trekking equipment at rent in shops around Thamel in Kathmandu. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking gear renting cost is around USD 1-10 per day per item.

Other Miscellaneous Costs

There are other miscellaneous costs for the Annapurna Base Camp trek as well. Personal expenses like alcoholic beverages, hot drinks, electronic charging, Wi-Fi costs, and others fall in miscellaneous expenses.

Besides these, there are other costs like first aid kits, souvenirs, shopping, and others. If you want to take a more budgeted approach, you should reduce these costs. However, if you spend lavishly on these items, the total costs of the trek increase significantly.

Travel Insurance costs

Proper Travel insurance that covers all details is a must for any high-altitude trekking. You need to overcome various physical and mental challenges before completing this ABC Trek. The risky terrain of the region requires physics strength and endurance.

One must ensure that the travel insurance will cover an altitude of above 4000 meters. It must also cover various factors like medical emergencies, flight cancellations, baggage loss, theft, etc. Hence you should get proper travel insurance before you start on this trek.

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Is Annapurna Base Camp Trek possible without a guide?

You can complete this Annapurna Base Camp Trek solo as well. However, trekking with a professional guide is much safer and comfortable for all trekkers. They will help you navigate the trail and keep you safe from any danger. They will also provide you a basic accommodation at a budget cost as they have connections.

You can get a complete arrangement of your meal and accommodation facilities through a guide. They will also set your acclimatization points and handle all your itineraries. Solo Annapurna Base Camp Trek cost is cheaper in comparison. However, it is essential to hire a guide for a safer and more comfortable trekking experience.

Total Costs

The Annapurna Base Camp trek costs around US$ 3,000 on average. It is excluding international flight costs. If you decide to travel under a budget and spend wisely, you can take this trek for US$ 2,000. Similarly, a luxury trip with all facilities will cost you around US$ 5,000. Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost for Nepali is relatively cheaper as you can skip various cost aspects in this trekking journey.

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Transfer to the hotel.

Upon your arrival at Kathmandu airport, you will receive a warm welcome from our staff members. You will get transferred into your hotel with their help. Our staff will help you with finding the best accommodation and also brief you about the trip. You can also roam around Kathmandu or rest in your hotel. You will stay overnight at the same hotel.

Day 2: Flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Drive to Nayapul, and Trek to Jhinu dada.

We will then take a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara early in the morning after having breakfast. It takes anywhere between 30 to 35 minutes to arrive at Pokhara airport. You can then take the bus drive from Pokhara to Nayapul, which takes another two hours.

From Nayapul, you can start your trekking journey to Annapurna Base Camp. This beautiful trail passes through the region’s scenic landscapes to arrive at Jhinu Danda. You will spend the night at a Jhinu Danda teahouse.

Day 3: Trek from Jhinu Danda to Bamboo

Bamboo to Deurali Annapurna base camp trek 6 days

After having a delicious breakfast in the morning, we will start our trek from Jhinu Dana. We will climb along the trail to Chomrong for one and half hours before descending on a gentle path. We will then cross an adventurous suspension bridge above Chomrong Khola.

Then we climb the side cliff and cross the Modi Khola. Then we will cross the dense forests of rhododendron, juniper, and oak trees. The trail then leads us to a beautiful region as we pass through a rocky path to arrive at Sinuwa.

We will then trek along the bamboo and rhododendron forest through a staircase to arrive at the Bamboo. It is a beautiful settlement with a small number of teahouses. We can stay overnight at a tea house in Bamboo.

Day 4: Trek from Bamboo to Deurali

We will continue our trek from Bamboo after breakfast and head towards Deurali. We will start our trail, passing through the beautiful bamboo forest. You can find many varieties of rhododendron and oak trees as well in the region.

We will traverse along the steep trail to arrive at the Hinko cave (3160m). You can find large rocks protecting the region from landslides and avalanches. Finally, after a trek of around four hours, we will arrive at Deurali. We will stay in a beautiful teahouse in Deurali.

Day 5: Trek from Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp

After breakfast, we will start this trek from Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp early in the morning. Annapurna Base Camp is the primary destination of the journey. We move along the wide valley and steep trails to arrive at the Annapurna sanctuary. Our trek continues by passing through two avalanches along the cliffside.

We will arrive at Bagar (3310m), located at a green meadow on the valley’s left side. After a trek of around a few hours, we arrive at the majestic Machhapuchhre Base Camp (3820m). From this point, we can observe the entire Himalayan landscape of the Annapurna region.

You can observe Annapurna South (7229m), Mount Hiunchuli (6441m.), Annapurna III (7555m), Annapurna I (8091m), Machhapuchhare (6997m.), and Gangapurna (7454m) and others. We trek further for a while to arrive at Annapurna Base Camp. You can explore the area and rest in the evening at a teahouse.

Day 6: Trek from Annapurna Base Camp to Dovan

We will continue our journey from Annapurna Base Camp. We pass through various regions to arrive at Dovan. The descending trek along the comfortable trails is quite exciting. However, you need to be careful as you might experience wobbly and tired feet after the taxing trekking journey. After arriving at Dovan, you will stay overnight at the teahouse.

Day 7: Trek from Dovan to Chhomrong

After breakfast in Dovan, we will have a sumptuous breakfast before continuing our trek from Dovan. We will pass to the region’s beautiful settlements. We can also observe the snow-capped mountains from a different perspective. After arriving at Chhomrong, we will spend the night at a teahouse.

Day 8: Trek from Chhomrong to Ghandruk

After waking up early to observe the beautiful sunrise, we start trekking from Chommrong to Ghandruk. This trek leads us to various settlements of the region, passing through Kimrong Khola. We will hike up to the Kimrong Danda and then continue our trail to Ghandruk.

Ghandruk is a model village of Gurung settlements in the Annapurna Conservation Area Project. You can absorb the beautiful architectural settlements and rural agricultural lifestyle. There you can observe the local people busy in their day to day activities.

Moreover, there are viewpoints in the village from where you can watch the region’s Himalayan landscapes. You will stay at one of the local homestays and taste delicious cuisine.

Day 9: Trek from Ghandruk to Nayapul. Drive to Pokhara and Flight to Kathmandu

We will finally trek from a Ghandruk to Naya pul in this last section of the journey. After arriving at Nayapul, you can take a local bus drive to Pokhara. It takes around 2 hours. You can stroll around the beautiful streets of Pokhara or take a flight back to Kathmandu.

Day 10: Transfer to the International Airport

Our staff representative will transfer you to Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu from your hotel. You can board a flight to your desired destination from Kathmandu.

Tips To Reduce Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost

  • Trek in off-season treks as there you can get all these facilities at a bargain price.
  • Bargaining is essential to get the best deals along the trails.
  • Carry tea bags, juice powders, coffee powder, and snacks to save costs during the trek
  • Renting trekking gear is also available at various places in Thamel, Kathmandu.
  • Take water purification tablets to save expenses on drinking water
  • Reduce your costs during the trek and do not spend on unnecessary items

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The Final Say – Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in May

Trekking the Annapurna base camp is a lovely adventure that provides you an incredible experience and beautiful sceneries. The process of cost estimation and budgeting is essential before you start on any tour. The cost of the ABC trek depends upon the individual itinerary and duration of the trek.

Besides that, there are various factors like transportation cost, accommodation cost, permit cost, food cost, and others. Hiring a guide and porter is essential even though it increases the total cost by a significant amount. They will help you with navigation along the trail and keep you safe from various emergencies. We hope you learned about this Annapurna Base Camp trek cost details in this article. Contact us for more information about this trek. Happy traveling!

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