Best Time to go Trekking in Nepal

Best Time to go Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is an adventure you choose to take. It can be both a short or long trip, usually on foot. It is an opportunity for you to get closer to nature and its beauties. Going for a trek is one of the best ways to forget all your troubles and stress for a while and refresh your mind.

Nepal is well known for its natural beauty, it’s beautiful hills and magnificent mountains. It is one of the best destinations in the world for traveling and trekking. Thousands of trekkers and mountaineers come to visit Nepal every year especially to trek in the Himalayas.

Numerous trekking routes in Nepal gives you a taste of its cultural and natural diversity. Most of the trekking packages follow an ancient walking route which passes through lovely river-banks, daring suspension bridges, terraced fields, dense forests. The trails connect with several small villages where you can meet people of different ethnic tribes, culture, religion, etc.

Due to the diverse landscape, you can choose from an assortment of trekking trails, from easy to difficult trails. For the first timers, the easy trails would be perfect for trekking. The mountainous trails would be the most courageous for those who seek adventure during their trekking trip.

The rough ascending or descending hilly path, the green hills and the blue snow-capped mountains, will be your friend on your whole trekking period. The forest in the hills always will welcome you with the seasonal blossoms. So, trekking is a wonderful opportunity to both observe and experience the life style and the natural and geographical condition of remote areas.

Trekking in Nepal is popular throughout the year. The trails are busy every season. However, the most recommended time to trek is in autumn season or spring season.

Autumn season in Nepal falls on the months from September to December and spring falls on March, April, and May. In winter trekking in high altitude is not possible and in summer due to monsoon rain, it is not always possible to trek in the trails at this time.

To make sure you know the best time and place to go trekking in Nepal, here is a full description of its four, major climatic seasons. But each of the seasons has its own popular attraction to offer.

1. Trekking in Nepal in Spring

In Nepal, Spring season falls in the months of March, April and May. After autumn, spring is the best season to go trekking as the temperature in this season will not be as cold as winter and not as hot as summer. It is warmer at lower altitudes and as the altitude increases temperature decreases.

In spring, all the trails will be available due to clear trails as the heavy snow of winter would have melted by these months. There are a few and rare occasions where you might still experience light to moderate snowfall on the higher altitudes in early spring.

The perfect examples of forest beauty can be experienced in this season. You can witness the full blossoms of the beautiful rhododendrons, orchids and other species of flowers. Blossoming of the plants occurs in spring and the forest surrounding the trekking trails is full of the greenery.
You can spot different species of birds and animals on the way as this season attracts many migratory birds and animals. You may get to view some exotic animals in spring.

The spring season is dry and windy with the dusts blocking the mountain views from the hills. There is less possibility of downpour in spring.

Spring will welcome you with its calm nature. You can prepare to trek in this season without any hesitation. However all the trekking routes in Nepal is suitable to trek in this spring season, there are some of the recommended treks in this season. They are Everest Base Camp with island peak climbing, Everest three pass trek , Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu trekGokyo and Cho la Pass trekAnnapurna Circuit Trek and many more.

Just to be safe, be prepared with your rain gear and warm clothes always with you while trekking as the weather in the mountains is unpredictable.

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2. Trekking in Nepal in Summer

Summer falls on the months of June July and August in Nepal. In Nepal, summer not only includes the hot weather but also monsoon rain. You can trek with less difficulty in early summer, but after the monsoon starts, your trekking journey will be harder.
Monsoon brings heavy rainfall with thunderstorms. In this season, the temperature will be hot during dry days and moderate during cloudy or rainy days.

This season is not suitable for trekking for many reasons. The trails become muddy and slippery. The hilly areas become prone to mudslides and landslides during this season.

This season also attracts lots of pests like mosquitoes, leeches. The wet sensation of your clothes and shoes will just add to the troubles.

However, if you do choose on going during this season, you might just be rewarded with some of the best views of the mountains and the hills as the rain washes out much of the dust. You can witness the farmers around the trekking trails enjoying the rainy season. It is also quite an adventure to try and climb the muddy and slippery trails and you get to choose the best restaurants and guest houses as there will be less trekkers.

This season is best to visit rain shadowed areas of Nepal like upper Mustang and Dolpa. These places are barren and known as the desert of Nepal as it is rain shadowed area. There is very less possibility of rainfall in these areas throughout the year.

Ghorepani Poon Hill TrekAnnapurna Panorama TrekAnnapurna Circuit Trek, Mustang Trek etc. are some of the recommended trekking trails in the season, summer.

Insect repellent and mosquito nets are a must for trekking in this season. Strong grip waterproof shoes and using leech repellent will also help to make this trek a more forgiving one if you trek in this season.
Be prepared with every kind of rain gear if you plan to trek during this season.Comfortable hiking wears with full sleeves is also recommended in this season to keep your body away from direct contact with sun and insect.

3. Trekking in Nepal in Autumn

Autumn falls in the months of September, October, and November. It is the best trekking season of Nepal. Almost all the trekking trails will be full of travelers as this is considered as a peak trekking season.
The clear weather in this season will give you the pristine view of mountain vistas. Hardly any traces of clouds will be seen in the sky. The early autumn brings glorious and pleasant days with fresh air after the monsoon rain; however, late autumn is a bit colder.

The forest is full of green vegetation in the early autumn season.The winter is right around the corner and the temperature gradually declines. Trekking at this season will give you a wonderful and thrilling experience while you walk on trails covered with fallen dry leaves.

Autumn, at the higher altitude, is colder compared to the lower altitudes. The temperature at daytime is moderate and feels good while during nighttime, the temperature may gradually dip down to freezing and below freezing at times.

Two of the most popular festivals, Dashain, and Tihar, is celebrated across the country during this season. So you can get to experience multiple festivities in Nepal. You will get to learn different types of rituals, customs, traditions, and culture of the different local ethnic groups in Nepal. You will get an extra quality time celebrating the festivals with them while trekking.
The trekking trails will be full of trekkers from all around the world, so you will need to pre-book everything, from flights to accommodations. You will have to start your trek early in the morning so that you can reach your destination before other trekkers to reserve a good place to stay. There will be a queue for getting your meals so order early.

Since weather in autumn is clear and calm, you are recommended to trek the higher altitudes at this time so that you can observe the majestic view of the mountain vistas so clearly and closely.

Some of the recommended treks for this season are, Everest Base Camp TrekEverest Three Pass TrekGokyo and Cho La Pass TrekAmphu Lapcha Pass with Mera Peak ClimbAnnapurna Base Camp TrekLangtang Gosainkunda Helambu TrekGanesh Himal Trekking
And many more

4. Trekking in Nepal in Winter

Winter season in Nepal falls from December to February. The weather and the climate are super cold at this time. Winter season is also least recommended season to trek in Nepal due to the freezing temperatures. In higher altitudes, some of the trekking routes will be closed due to winds and heavy snowfall.

Trekking in lower elevation below 3,000 to 4000m would be comfortable in winter. You should be geared up with all the winter clothes and accessories so that the cold will not hit you if you do decide to go higher or trek during this season.

The best part of trekking in winter is the view of white, snow covered mountain ranges. Your journey will be full of adventures as the cold weather challenges you and makes it harder to trek with all the heavy snowfalls. In the mountains, many tea houses will be closed with only one or two open ones.

The weather is windy during the winter season so it is impossible for you to ascend towards some trekking peaks. During early winter, as the wind condition remains stable at this time, trekking over EverestLangtangAnnapurna is popular and possible.

Everest view trekTengboche Monastery TrekGhorepani Poon Hill TrekLangtang Circuit TrekAnnapurna Base Camp Trek are the recommended treks for winter time. 

Celebrating Christmas and new year in the heart of the Himalayas would be a great, life time experience. It is also good if you do not want more traffic on your trekking trails as there will be much fewer trekkers during this season.


It would be awesome to visit Nepal in any season. You have loads of choices of trekking routes and trekking destinations in Nepal. First of all, you make sure to read the above article and pick a month that you know will be great for you to come here. After deciding the month, inquire about the trekking route that you wish to trek. Gather as much information as you can. This will help you on your trip.

You should pack your bags according to the season and duration you are travelling to Nepal as your necessity may change accordingly.
After the preparation, contact us for more detailed information about the available trekking packages to choose from. Make your journey to Nepal is an adventurous and a memorable one.

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