Best Time To Trek Manaslu

best time to trek manaslu

The Manaslu Circuit trek is possible throughout the year. Every season has its own perks and variety of adventures. However, Spring and Autumn are the best time to trek Manaslu because of the moderate weather and stable climate the season offers.

The Manaslu region experiences four distinct seasons. Each month of the season like every season has its own unique appeal and drawbacks. Manaslu Circuit region like the rest of Nepal experiences four different seasons. These are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these lasts around 3 months.

Each of the different months of the year offers a unique perspective of the Manaslu region to the traveler/trekker. Depending on what you prefer and expect, you can take the decision of when you do your Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Listed below is a brief representation of what each month has on offer.

Manaslu Trek in Spring Months

Manaslu Trek in March

By March, the entire region welcomes spring. You can enjoy colorful blooms of rhododendron in the lower regions of Deng, Shyala.

The cool temperatures and bright days are perfect for treks. It is neither too cold nor too hot. This season also enjoys clear blue skies and warm days.

Hence, this is one of the best seasons to do the Manaslu Circuit trek.

The temperatures continue rising to a cool 2-8 degrees Celsius. The lower region specifically sees warm weather and bright days.


  • Amazing visibility, more stable weather conditions
  • Cool temperatures, warm and bright days
  • Blossoms of rhododendrons in white, yellow, pink, red


  • Peak season, hence large crowds
  • Crowded trails, tea houses.

manaslu trek without a guide

Manaslu Trek in April

The rhododendron blooms are at their colorful best during this month.

The stable weather conditions during this month favor mountain climbers and expeditions.

You can see actual and inspiring climbers in action during this month. The tea houses of the region fill with energy and aura of the climbers, trekkers and travelers to the region.


  • Colorful blossoms of rhododendrons
  • Stable weather conditions
  • Energy and aura of professional and inspiring climbers


  • Crowded trails

Manaslu Trek in May

With May, spring comes to an end. You can see the last blooms of the flowers on the hillside.

The temperature starts rising to 20 degrees Celsius in the lower regions. Even the higher regions see very less negative degrees temperatures during this month.

The days are bright and long. You should avoid the afternoons for your treks as it becomes too hot. Yet for those who don’t mind the warm weather can enjoy the trails all to themselves.

This month sees considerably fewer trekkers than March and April.


  • Peaceful trails
  • Last blooms of the rhododendron


  • Hot and sweaty days
  • The trails in the lower regions are a bit dusty.

Manaslu Trek in Autumn Months

Manaslu Trek in September

September is a shoulder month between the off-season of monsoon and the best season of autumn.

Depending on which part of September you choose, you will have different experiences in the single month of September.

The monsoon is slowly saying its farewell to the region. You can experience light, short bursts of rainfalls in early September. By mid-September, you can enjoy cool temperatures along with bright and clear days.

The trails start to dry and the weather becomes more stable. You can enjoy your treks with clear views of the surrounding landscape and temperate climate.


  • Two seasons in one
  • Fewer crowd


  • It may rain in the early September

Manaslu Trek in October

manaslu trek distance

October is the best month of the year for treks. This is due to many beautiful reasons.

This month sees the most stable weather conditions in the Upper regions of the trek. The temperatures are perfect between 12 to 18 degrees Celsius.

It is neither too warm nor too cold for a trek. The skies are clear giving way to amazing, crystal clear views of the mountain peaks and surrounding landscape.

All these make this month the busiest month for trekking in Manaslu.


  • Perfect temperatures to do treks.
  • Amazing visibility making for great views from the 2nd day of your trek.


  • A large number of crowds
  • Need to pre-book everything in advance to ensure you get your preferred rooms, lodges

Manaslu Trek in November

November is another fabulous month to do treks in Nepal. This is the same for Manaslu Circuit trek. The temperatures start to cool and is the driest autumn month.

The annual Manaslu Trail Race/Marathon takes place during this month. Make sure you check ahead to participate or enjoy the fantastic event.


  • Cool temperatures for a trek
  • Clear skies with great visibility
  • Opportunity to take part in the annual Manaslu Trail Race/Manaslu


  • Cold mornings and nights
  • Large crowds during the first half of November

Manaslu Trek in Winter Months

Manaslu Trek in December

From December, it starts getting cold. You can enjoy the trek in the lower regions with average temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius.

As you go higher, you can experience temperature drops of -8 degrees Celsius. The coldest is during the early mornings and night. Make sure you pack your winter essentials and sleeping bags suitable for -15 degrees Celsius.

Most of the tea houses in the area do not have in-house heating services. Make sure you come prepared for the cold. Yet, the days are cool and bright. You can enjoy clear weather with beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the mountains.

You can enjoy some of the best views of the mountain peaks and hillside.

By mid- December, it gets too cold. The villagers of the upper regions of the Manaslu Circuit trek like Samdo pack up. Hence, most of the teahouses, lodges, and restaurants in and around the area closes for the season.

You can come prepared with camping equipment. You will also see some villagers staying behind to look after the household, animals.


  • Best views of the mountain peaks, sunrises, sunsets
  • Cool and bright days


  • Cold temperatures in the morning and night
  • Few operational tea houses, lodges by mid-December

Manaslu Trek in January

January is the coldest month of the year in Nepal. The minimum temperatures in the higher regions can drop to -16 degrees.

Most of the passes in Manaslu Circuit trek experience winter storms. Heavy snow, freezing temperatures make January one of the least popular months to do this trek. The way to the Manaslu Base Camp can also be a little risky.

However, if you can brave the chills and are comfortable crossing the passes in heavy snow while using crampons, this can be the month for you. You will also have to cross the pass in a single day.

Although cold and chilly, you get clear skies for most days.

You will get magnificent views of snow-capped mountains. You also have the opportunity to see frozen waterfalls, streams, lakes and rivers. With very few trekkers during this month, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the trails and the region.

Make sure to come prepared with camping equipment as most of the tea houses in the upper regions remain closed during this month.

If you plan to do tea house trek, ensure your tea houses are open for business. This month is perfect for those with extra stamina, snow climbing experience, and willpower.


  • Clear views of snow-capped mountains
  • Fewer crowds
  • Witness the frozen waterfalls and rivers


  • Most tea houses close in the upper regions, so camping is the only viable option
  • Heavy snow
  • Wet, slippery trails

Manaslu Trek in February

February is a shoulder month. The month sees a cross between the cold winter and the cool spring.

February is when winter is almost done. Mid-February sees a rise in temperatures along with the melting of snow. The tea houses of the region start to open along with the beginning of the blooms of the local flowers.

However, make sure to inquire about your local tea houses before setting out. Some of them remain closed till March.

Also, pack cold winter clothes and winter equipment like crampons. The higher regions do experience unpredictable weather. Precautions are always better for a safe and comfortable trekking experience.


  • Cool temperatures from mid-February
  • Beginning blooms of the local flora like rhododendron


  • Wet and slippery trails due to the melting of snow.
  • Uncertainty of weather and availability of tea houses.

Manaslu Trek in Monsoon or Summer Months

Manaslu Trek in June

June is the beginning of the summer monsoon season in Nepal. With the rains, the temperatures start to cool down. It makes for great clear walks in the morning.

Yet most people avoid the summer (monsoon) of Nepal. This is due to wet and slippery conditions of the trails. You can also find leeches and mosquitoes on the trails and in your tea houses.

A strong insect repellant and a good ankle support boot is a must.

Make sure to pack in your rain gears as well. This should include rain-jacket, pants and waterproof covers for your personal belongings and bags.

In spite of all these, June can be a great month to do your Manaslu Circuit Trek. As it is the beginning of the monsoon season, it doesn’t see as much rain. The rainfall is short and far between. You can also catch beautiful rainbows in the hills.

In the days where it doesn’t rain, you get clear blue skies and long, bright days. The trails and tea houses are also not crowded. This gives an intimate experience with the locals which is not possible during the peak seasons.


  • Clear and long days during the non-rainfall days
  • Fewer crowd giving you an intimate experience with the locals


  • Short bursts of rainfall
  • Unpredictable cloudy and rainy days
  • Wet and slippery trails
  • Infestation of leeches, mosquitoes.

Manaslu Trek in July

With the monsoon set comfortably in the region, nature comes alive. You can enjoy the lush and dense green forests, landscapes.

You can also see the water sources come to life. You can see the forming of streams, rivulets, waterfalls during this month.

Yet with the constant rainfall, you can face some tough situations. These can include landslides, unexpected road blockages and flight delays. Some of the lodges and tea houses also remain closed due to bad weather and a few numbers of trekkers.


  • Lush green forests, hillsides and terrace farms
  • Opportunity to spot some wildlife of the region


  • Chances of landslides, mudslides and flight delays
  • Constant pouring of rain

Manaslu Trek in August

The monsoon is in full swing during August. You have limited choices for accommodation in the higher regions of the trek. Most of the tea houses are not open.

In the lower regions of the trek, due to the constant rainfall, vegetables thrive. You are in for a treat during meal times with a variety of freshly cut, seasonal vegetables.

You can enjoy the full flow of waterfalls, streams, rivers, and lakes. If rain doesn’t bother you, then August can be rewarding for you in many ways.

It provides the extra challenge and adventure for the experienced and adventure seekers.


  • Very few trekkers/travelers on the trails
  • Fresh, seasonal and different vegetable during meal time
  • Extra challenging and adventurous


  • Constant rainfall making for wet and slippery trails

Some Tips

  • If you are a beginner or a novice trekker, opt for the spring or winter months for this trek. The difficulty level of Manaslu trek in winter and summer months can prove to be a bit more challenging and hostile.
  • When deciding the best time to trek Manaslu, do consider the different routes as well. The different routes also present their own set of challenges.
  • You can face a different set of temperatures within a single day. This can be due to the change of altitude and unpredictable weather of the Himalayas.
  • The packing essentials of your Manaslu trek changes with each month. Make sure you keep this in mind while packing.

Final Say,

The Manaslu Trek is a beautiful and wonderful trekking experience. It rewards the trekkers regardless of the month you trek in.

You can do this trek any time of the year with the right gears, equipment, and preparation.

For further queries or questions of your Manaslu trek, feel free to contact us.

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