Best Time to Visit Nepal

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Every month you plan to visit Nepal or activities you want to do in Nepal, you get varied experiences. So, depending on your preference, the best time to visit Nepal also differs.

Nepal has many things to offer all year round. But with better knowledge about the best time to visit Nepal will help you plan your journey.

Most of the activities to do can be is possible all year round regardless of the specifics.

Season-wise and your comfort with the season in a new country could be an influencing factor. Moreover, if you are looking to visit Nepal for birdwatching, there could be a certain favorable season.

Different Seasons to Visit in Nepal

Nepal enjoys 4 main seasons throughout the year. With every season comes different festivals, an appropriate time for adventure sports and much more.

Winter (December – February)

The time from December to February are the coldest months in Nepal. Among them, January is the coldest.

During these months, the weather is cloudy and foggy in the morning and night. In the day time, it is sunny and the temperature is not as low in the morning and night.

The skies are clear but the weather is not appropriate for trekking. Since trekking is the main activity in Nepal, winter can be pretty harsh for this. In the higher elevations, there are chances of heavy snowfall.

But, if you have previous experiences and your physical fitness is strong, then you can definitely indulge in trekking in winter. The main advantage is that there will be less or no crowds in the trails so it will be quite peaceful.

Likewise, the accommodations are less pricey than in the peak seasons. There will be plenty of options on where you would want to stay.

Trekking isn’t the only thing you can choose to do in Nepal. In fact, there are several other options besides trekking.

Things you can do in Winter

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Winter is an option for those who have a professional trekking experience. The weather can get pretty bad in the higher elevations.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Chisapani Nagarkot Trek, Mustang Trek, and Mardi Himal Trek are some easy trek options for winter.

Moreover, there are plenty of other activities in Nepal that you can do in the winter. Speaking of which, it is best if you choose to do a jungle safari the Terai region.

There are many cultural events in Nepal at the time of these months that you can experience. There is Yomari Punhi, Tamu Lhosar and Bivah Panchami in December.

Likewise, in January you can witness Maghe Sankranti and in February there is Maha Shivaratri.

All the festivals observed in Nepal are something you can be a part of to enjoy your holidays. There is nothing better than seeing travelers be a part of such events and the locals will welcome you.

Furthermore, it is a good option for adventure sports as well. You can choose activities like rock climbing, bungee jumping, and paragliding as well. It is also a good option to hike in the outskirts of the cities to add heat to the chilly weather.

Rafting is good during early December.

Or, you can also choose to visit the UNESCO heritage sites to know about the religion and culture in Nepal. There are several options you can choose from and the tours will be very informative.

Some of the best places you can choose for winter are Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park.

Tips for Winter travel in Nepal

  • It is better to carry extra clothes with you while trekking because the weather can get difficult
  • Invest more in the kinds of clothing gears you choose for trekking
  • It is better to go on shorter hikes than trekking in the higher elevations
  • There will not be a problem of accommodations and bookings

Spring (March – May)

After the harsh winter comes to an end, March brings the delightful spring. Spring is one of the peak seasons in Nepal. In fact, it is also a time when you can do most of the activities in Nepal.

The weather is warm but has a light breeze with it making the time perfect for every activity.

Due to the favorable weather, the crowds are high. The popularity is because of the possibilities of travel in this season.

The days are warm and stable but it can get chillier at night.

The skies are clear and it is also the time where the Rhododendron blooms in the wild. The lush forests with wide species of flora and fauna is another highlight. The days are longer than winter and the views are clear and crisp.

Things you can do in Spring

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Spring is the time of freshness and greenary. The weather is absolutely pleasant so, what you can opt for is going for sightseeing.

Trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal. So you can also have delightful sightseeing in the lush forests and in the hill areas that are also the route of your trekking destination.

Sightseeing amidst the lush forest will also bring you closer to nature. You can find many species of flora and fauna.

Also, you can indulge in the adventure too. These months are best for rafting. The weather is perfect and the water is warm.

Likewise, you can also choose for your own kayaking experience. There are more activities available for adventure sports you can choose to do in spring-like paragliding.

Cultural exploration is an all year friendly tour.

29th May is Everest Day. It is a good occasion for the trekkers to plan for the Everest Base Camp.

Some of the best options you can choose for spring are Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Mustang Trek, Dolpo Trek, and Mardi Himal Trek. You can also look into Nepal Heritage Tour, Nepal Cultural Tour, and Everest View Trek.

Tips for Spring

  • Sunblocks, sun hats, and sunglasses are a must.
  • Pre-booking is necessary since it is a popular season
  • Sometimes, there are chances of rainfall so rain gear is important

Summer (June – August)

June to August is Summer in Nepal but it is also the wet season. During monsoon, the climate is warm and humid. It usually rains at night so the mornings are mostly clear.

Now, monsoon is actually a low season of Nepal. Trekking is not a good idea for these months but the rain shadows area can be beautiful. Lower elevations have rain but as you climb up, it stops.

Trekking to the Annapurna circuit is a good idea if you want to trek in this season. But, you need to prepare yourself for the rain.

One of the advantages of this season is that there will be less or no crowd. The trails are quieter and the accommodations are also available in good rates.

Things you can do in Summer

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Monsoon is a low tourist season in Nepal. Trekking can be challenging so it is not recommended for novice trekkers to trek this time of the year. But there are definitely options to trek to the rain shadow areas.

Or, short hikes are also possible in the lower altitudes.

Since cultural exploration is suitable for any time of the year, you can take the tour of UNESCO world heritage sites. A little bit of thrill is also a good idea in monsoon. Consider taking a zip line and paragliding as there are fun activities you can do.

Jungle safari in Chitwan is a pretty good option as well. There are also cultural shows in Chitwan that will make monsoon a good time to enjoy your holidays.

Some of the best options you can choose for monsoon are Annapurna Circuit Trek, and Jomsom Muktinath Trek.

Tips for Monsoon

  • Leeches and other insects are common so insect repellant is important
  • It is best to trek in the rain shadow areas like Manang, Mustang or Annapurna Region
  • Bring your rain gears with you

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn is the peak season in Nepal that lasts from September to November. It is the popular season for trekking. Among these months, October and November are the best for trekking.

The best thing about Autumn is that the weather is favorable for trekking. You do not have to face the cold or the wet rains. The views are crisp and the skies are clear.

It is a perfect environment if you want to take photographs or want to enjoy the view. The days are drier and the lush forests come to life with flora and fauna coming back to enjoy in the wild. The rhododendron adds vibrancy and beauty to the trek.

The colorful surrounding and fresh air is the reason why this is the peak season in Nepal. Travelers from all around the world come to make the most out of their holidays.

But, since it is the peak season, you can have a bit of difficulty in bookings. The trails tend to get a bit crowded and the accommodations can get a bit pricier.

Things you can do in Autumn

Best Time to Visit Nepal

The best thing you can do this season is trekking.

You can choose to trek just anywhere.

If you have been planning on Upper Mustang Trek, or Gosaikunda Helambu Trek, now is the time. Or you can also conquer challenging treks like Everest Base Camp Trek with Island Peak Climbing, and Everest Three Pass Trek.

Besides trekking, you can involve in Jungle Safaris.

There are several places where you can enjoy paragliding. Autumn is also one of the best seasons to enjoy paragliding. Or indulge in adventure sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking and so on.

Cultural tour and short hikes are also great.

Some of the biggest festivals are on this season, so this is another high advantage. Teej is a festival for women in September. Indra Jatra is one of the biggest jatras in Nepal and it is in September.

Likewise, Dashain also is in the same month. Experiencing the biggest festival in Nepal is both fun and amazing at the same time.

Then there is Tiji festival that is grand in Lo-Manthang of Upper Mustang. All these festivals are mesmerizing to watch and experience.

Tips for Autumn

  • It is the most popular season so pre-booking is important
  • If you want a quieter route then choose a different trail with the help of your guide
  • Bring your sun hats, sunblocks, and sunglasses with you
  • You might have to stay in a queue on hotels because of crowds so be ready
  • Carry extra cash

Some activities you can get involved in are:

  • Mountain biking
  • Helicopter tours
  • Rafting / Kayaking
  • Peak climbing
  • Hiking, and more

When to Visit Nepal?

Best Time to Visit Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal depends on the activities you choose to do during your holidays.

Since trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal, Autumn and Spring are the best options. But, because of the geographical diversity, a lot of popular trails are available for trekking during the off seasons.

For other travelers, there are cultural sites that you can choose to visit and learn about the history and culture of Nepal. Nepal is also a perfect place to be during the monsoon if you are keen about the biodiversity.

Winters can be an amazing time if you are looking to enjoy cultural heritage. Some popular heritages are like Janakpur Dham, Lumbini or culturally rich places in the capital.

For further details on the itineraries and information please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to be at your service.

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