Culture of Tibet

The culture, custom and tradition of Tibet has been set as example to the world as one of the last remaining authentic cultures in the world. Be it traditional folk dance performances or art, Tibetan culture is simply amazing and unique. Its rich and unique culture is reflected through art architecture, dresses, archery, traditional ceremonies and the everyday life of Tibetan people. In fact, Tibet has got everything from tolerance to communal harmony to peaceful existence that makes their culture so rich and meaningful.

Tibet has developed very distinct and unique culture over the years. The specific geographic condition along with relation with neighboring countries have influenced the development of such vast Tibetan culture. Among many, one of the most significant part of Tibetan culture is its performing arts including music, drama and dance. Also known as the Ocean of Songs and Dances, Tibetan singing and dancing is widely spread throughout the region. In fact, dancing and singing are the integral part of every Tibetan’s daily life.

Tibetan clothing is yet another significant part of their culture. Generally, Tibetans wear extremely conventional clothing consisting of a robe and shirt. With the advancement of Tibet and import of fashionable clothes from other parts of the world, traditional attire is turning out to be more uncommon in towns, however, it is still ordinary in more remote territories and villages.

Tibetans are believed to be the most courteous people. They use extremely polite language while addressing seniors, people with higher social status or even the people of same age or same statues. They have the practice of adding ‘La’ after the name of people they are calling to show their respect. Similarly, they have the tradition of giving ‘Khata’, a scarf that symbolizes goodwill good luck and compassion to their guests. The Khata is considered as highly versatile gift, which is presented at any celebration including weddings, birthdays, graduation and many more. This unique culture make Tibetan most friendly and welcoming people.

One of the most uncommon practice that the Tibetans still follow whole heartedly is Sky Burial practice. It is the funeral practice whereby a dead body of human is cut into small pieces in certain location usually remote mountains and placed on a mountain top, exposing it to birds.  The corpse is often offered to vultures considering vultures as angels who take the soul into the heavens. To foreign eye, this mystical tradition may seem unsympathetic, yet Tibetan have been following this tradition for centuries and have deep faith in it.

Hence, the Tibetan culture is the most unique culture that have evolved with time. So, if you want to taste the unique Tibetan culture, you can do so by registering yourself for base camp adventure’s ‘Tour to Tibet’. During the visit to Tibet, we make sure that you get the genuine flavor of Tibetan culture through live performances shows held during festivals and fairs. So, don’t let the opportunity go by and come to Tibet and find new path towards happy live and learn new ways of life.