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Langtang valley trek 11 days

Langtang Region is one of the nearest destinations from Kathmandu you can go to for an awesome trekking experience. It is also easily accessible from Kathmandu.

Going on Langtang Trek, you will get an opportunity to climb small peaks like Kangjin Ri and Tsergo Ri. You also get a chance to explore the Tamang villages and visit the surrounding glaciers.

There are a lot of factors that influence any trek, Langtang Trek is no different. Langtang Trek Cost does depend on the types of services and accommodations you choose.

Further, your personal expenditure and choices also influence your trek cost.

Langtang area is also the first Himalayan National Park with temperate and sub-alpine forests. You can explore the amazing wildlife there as well. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to spot red panda, wild deers, falcons and more.

Along with a chance to climb small peaks, you can also see the views of Langtang Lirung, Langsisa Ri, Naya Kanga Peak.

To start the trek from Syabrubesi, you have to drive about 7 – 8 hours from Kathmandu. It is not that far and you can easily get there with the type of transportation you choose.

The Langtang Trek can take a week to complete. But you can also choose other trekking routes to explore more of the Langtang area.

Cost of Accommodation During Langtang Trek

In Kathmandu, there are varieties of options you can choose to stay at. Hostels are also available which costs you around US$ 5 per day.

If you are fine with decent accommodation, then US$ 40 – US$ 60 is good for your stay in Kathmandu.

The accommodations are pretty affordable during the trek.

The accommodations can be different in the lower region compared to the upper region. In the upper region, they are pretty standard but are comfortable and cozy.

It will cost you about US$ 2 – US$ 5 per night. Adding up the prices of food per day, it costs about US$ 12 – US$ 15. These prices are during the peak season.

During the off-season, the prices can be different. It will cost you US$ 3 – US$ 5 per day but the food can get cheaper.

It might get difficult in the peak seasons to get accommodation so it is better if you do pre-bookings.

Overall, you will spend about US$ 15 – US$ 30 per day in Kathmandu. Whereas, you will spend about US$ 12 – US$ 15 per day during the trek.

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Cost of Food During Langtang Trek

In Kathmandu, you will spend US$12 – US$ 15 for meals. During the trek, you will spend about US$ 10 – US$ 15 per day or more if you want.

Most of the tea houses and other restaurants serve healthy and variety of meals. But you will mostly enjoy the authentic dal – bhaat. They also have other cuisines and snacks with drinks too.

The price increases as you go on the higher altitudes. In the lower region, a proper meal of dal – bhaat will cost you about US$ 2 – US$ 3. The same food in the higher region will cost you US$ 4 – US$ 6.

The locals are pretty reasonable with the pricing. But due to the lack of transportations and other facilities, you can expect the prices to increase.

The morning meal of breakfast will cost you about US$ 5 – US$ 6 in the higher region. But in the lower region, they might charge you US$ 2 – US$3.

Snacks are also available but the options are quite limited. A bottle of mineral water costs US$ 0.25 – US$ 2 in Kathmandu but costs US$ 3 – US$ 5 on the higher regions.

Cost of Transportation During Langtang Trek

The cost of transportation depends on the option of the transport you choose. There are options for buses and private mode of transportation you can choose from. You can choose a bus, jeep, and taxi.

Cost of Local Bus

The local bus will cost you US$ 3 (NRs. 300) per person for one way. The local bus is not so comfortable and a 10 hours ride from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi can get you tired. But if you want to enjoy the moment in an all local way then go ahead.

Cost of Tourist Bus

The tourist bus is the best option if you want a comfortable seat and want to maintain a budget. A one-way cost is US$ 10 – US$ 15. The tourist bus is much more manageable and easy than the local bus.

Cost of Private Jeep

Private jeeps are favorable for those who want their own personal vehicle with a driver and do not enjoy sharing. Jeeps can be tough and will take you through the roads comfortably. They will cost you about US$ 80 – US$ 150.

Cost of Hiring Guides / Porters for Langtang Trek

Langtang Trek is a pretty close destination from Kathmandu and it is not a difficult one either. So, this trek is possible both with and without guides or porters. But, if you want to experience it fully it is good to have either one of the helpers.

If you are trekking for the first time, it is best to hire both a guide and a porter. They will make your treks a lot easier and entertaining.

Guides will charge you US$ 22 – US$ 25 per day including the cost of their accommodation and food. Whereas porters will charge you US$ 15 – US$ 18 per day including the cost of their accommodation and food.

Guides will give you complete information on the surrounding, landscapes, mountain peaks and more.

Porters will make your trip easier by carrying your load. Also, they will keep you informed about the local culture and whereabouts of the area.

They can also tell you about the best tea houses and restaurants. Having them can make a huge difference in the trek.

Cost of Permits for Langtang Trek

Permits are a must to trek in Nepal. So, Langtang Trek Cost is no exception. You need two kinds of permits to do this trek.

You will need Langtang National Park Entry Permit and Langtang Regional Area Permit. You can get both of them in Nepal Tourism Board or in the entrance as well. The Langtang National Park Entry permit costs US$ 30 and the Langtang Regional Area Permit costs you US$ 20 per person.

If you are from SAARC country, the Langtang National Park permit costs you US$ 15.

Additional Cost During Langtang Trek

Extra cost refers to all your personal expenses. You will spend on something that you will need at the last moment. You might need to buy something for yourself during trek like trekking gears. These expenses definitely increase your Langtang Trek cost.

Also, you will definitely shop some souvenirs. During Langtang Trek, you will find some beautiful handmade products and dried fruits. You can shop for yourself or your loved ones.

You might also give a few tips to the hotels, tea houses, cafes, and restaurants. Speaking of tips, you might also give some to the porters and guides for helping you out.

Some Tips to Organize Your Trek Expenses

Even though you spend on your personal things, there are some tips you can use to save a little money or make it more organized and easy:

  • Do not undermine travel insurance, these are absolutely essential and will help you a lot in case of emergencies.
  • Buy permits at Kathmandu because the cost is higher in the entrance.
  • Buy your favorite snacks at Kathmandu since it also costs higher at the higher region.
  • Buying water purification tablets instead of bottled water. Or opt to refill your bottles at tea houses, it is a lot more practical and affordable.
  • Carry extra cash instead of an ATM card.
  • Do not rush during your trek and get plenty of rest at resting points.
  • Try getting local guides and porter to avoid paying for their permits.


Langtang Trek is a beautiful and short trek you can take in Nepal. You have a wide variation of treks you can do in the Langtang Region.

You can also choose other treks like Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, or the Langtang Circuit Trek that will give you a good tour of the Langtang region.

All this trek is possible in a week or 14 – 17 days. Depending on the itinerary you choose, the Langtang Trek cost also differs.

Langtang also blends a unique culture of locals with beautiful natural scenes as well. You can spend more days exploring the corners of Langtang region as well. And when planned properly, Langtang Trek Cost is quite reasonable and affordable.

For further details and inquiries, please contact us.

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