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Are you planning to do the Manaslu trek without a guide? Well, there is something you need to know if you are thinking so. Have a nice read!

The Earth is full of beautiful places. You need not go any further than Nepal to find beautiful places. I mean, just consider Manaslu Region, one of the major tourist destinations of Nepal.

Manaslu Region is a concealed gem in the Himalayas of Nepal. And Manaslu Circuit Trek is one trek that takes you through the rugged roads of the Manaslu Region. From lush forests to snow-white mountains, lovely people to the sounding rivers, and more, the trek has everything. Yet, you have to be with a licensed guide to explore the beauty. In simpler words, Manaslu Trek without Guide is not allowed by the government of Nepal.

Opened only after 1991 for foreign trekkers, Manaslu Trek and Manaslu Region is a protected and restricted area of Nepal. The region is home to lush vegetation, diverse wildlife, legendary mountains, unique Tibetan Influenced Culture. In a moto of preserving and maintaining those region’s natural and cultural wealth, the Government announced it as a restricted region. That is why you cannot explore this region on your own.

But what you can do is Manaslu Circuit Trek with an experienced and licensed guide of ours. Trekking in the Manaslu Region with a guide is not as dull as you think. As you may know, Manaslu Region is an off-the-beaten path, and trekking in such a region alone is quite challenging. For such places, the guides are nothing less than saviors. Those escorts are used to the area so much that no one can lead as they do. And they are so friendly, humble, and full of humor too. Hence, doing a Manaslu Trek with a guide is not a boring plan.

This blog will tell you everything about why you need to do the Trek with a guide and why not. Moreover, you will also read some important information about the trek.

Can you do Manaslu Trek without Guide?

Where is Mount Manaslu Located?

Well, we are afraid that the answer is a resounding no.

The answer may sound sad to those who are planning to explore the Manaslu area without a guide. That dream of yours will not come true as Nepal’s Government has restricted it to do so. Well, this initiation of the government is actually for good causes. You have to understand why the Manaslu Region is limited to solo traveling.

Manaslu Region is one of the most rural regions of Nepal. As of its ruralness, the region is not explored by many. And it is pretty risky to walk through the roads solo that are less frequently less traveled. Secondly, the natural attraction of the region is still to be seen by many. To preserve the beauty and livings of the beauty, Manaslu Conservation Area always looks after the area. Solo travelers can enter this protected area unless a licensed guide accompanies them. Otherwise, there is no chance.

Moreover, the region homes around six settlements that display a Tibetan-influenced culture and lifestyle. All of those villages give you a good look into the inspiring lifestyle. To preserve the unique culture, the government has labeled them as the restricted villages. That means you cannot explore these settlements on your own; you will need a licensed guide.

So, it is pretty clear that you cannot be on Manaslu Trek Without Guide. The only way to explore this scenic region is trekking with a guide. However, make sure you are in a group of at least two trekkers(excluding guides and porters). That is the first and foremost requirement for Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Reasons to Hire an experienced cum licensed Guide

As you have known that Manaslu Trek without Guide is a never happening dream, the only option is to hire one. Well, there are some excellent reasons to hire a guide for the trek. Let’s find them out:

  • Manaslu Trek is not allowed to do if you do not have a licensed guide or porter.
  • Manaslu Region is not so populated and developed as other trekking trails. The difficulties come pretty quickly at any point in time in such areas. You will need an experienced guide for tackling such times.
  • There will be no worry to get lost along the trail as a guide will lead you the right way.
  • The licensed guides are well experienced in dealing with emergencies.
  • The guide will take you through the wilderness of the region without any hassles.
  • A Himalayan guide knows everything about altitude sickness. He will help you to deal with the altitudes on the trek.
  • In case of any injuries, a guide will come in handy with his treatment kit and curing ability.
  • He/She will manage almost everything along the journey; you do not have to worry about anything other than exploring and trekking.
  • The guide knows well about the culture, tradition, language of the region. He will help you to connect with those things.
  • A guide will manage hygienic food and comfortable accommodation for you throughout the trek.

Difficulties of Manaslu Trek without Guide

manaslu trek distance

Manaslu Circuit Trek is among the strenuous treks to do in Nepal. Be it altitude-wise or the trail’s nature, the walk is a challenging one. What makes it even extra tricky is the ruralness and less explored trails. Trekkers can easily be in problems during the trek if they are doing it without guides. Let’s find out what sorts of difficulties do the trekkers have to face if they are doing Manaslu Trek without Guide:

Odds of Getting Lost

Manaslu Circuit Trek’s trails are not that easy to navigate as trekkers less frequent them. The region is also equally remote and rural as well. That is how there are high chances of getting out of the track on the trek. And there is no way you kind find the way on your mobile as the region doesn’t have access to such facilities yet. If you are not with anyone used to this region, you are sure to get lost. And to stay lost between the wild side is not that appealing.

Injuries and Emergencies

If you are injured amid the trek and want someone’s help, you may not get any in this trek. There are no hospitals or doctors to treat you around the trial in case of emergencies. Likewise, if situations turn worse and you need emergency rescues, there will be no one to call for the rescues. You have to deal with emergencies on your own.

To Communicate

The people of the Manaslu Region are not literate enough to understand foreign languages. You will hardly meet someone who can communicate with you in English during the trek. Hence, you will experience it difficult to communicate with people along the trail if not with a local guide.

Dealing with Altitude Sickness

A professional guide can do wonders when it is about dealing with mountain sickness. Manaslu Trek is a high-altitude trek, and risks of mountain illness are always there. If not taken seriously, anything can happen during the trek. The chances of getting sick of mountains are lower when you are with an experienced guide. He suggests you in every next step on how to avoid the sickness. If you are not so aware of mountain sickness, this can be your problem if not with a trekking guide.

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A Guide, A Porter or Both

manaslu trek without a guide

A Licensed Guide

As said before, A licensed guide is a must for Manaslu Circuit Trek. A licensed guide is the first thing that will be required while applying for the permit to the Manaslu Region. There is no more reliable person than a licensed one for doing Manaslu Region. A licensed guide has enough experience and expertise to lead you through the extreme lands of Nepal. They are pretty good at multiple languages like English, Germany, etc.

These guides know everything about the region, climate, weather, culture, and conditions. And they are also trained to deal with difficult situations like altitude sickness, injuries, and more. Hence, that is how they become the right fit to help you find the way. A licensed guide can cost up to 30 USD per day. The fee will cover expenses of the guide’s food, lodging, and insurance charges.

A Porter

A porter is someone who will carry your heavy belongings during the trek. It is challenging and not suggested to carry bulky backpacks while trekking in the mountains. That can stimulate chances of altitude sickness as you will get quickly tired while ascending. If you have a big backpack to carry, it is better to hire a porter. The porter will take good care of your backpack by taking it wherever you go. A porter carries up to 25 kgs of luggage during a trek and charges around 25 to 30 USD per day. The salary will cover his expenses, including meals, accommodation, and insurance.

A Guide Cum Porter

You can get both porter and guide services from one person, and such a person is called a guide cum porter. It is a good deal, especially for the limited budget trekkers. They get both of the services by paying a single salary. A guide cum porter can charge around 30 to 35 USD per day, covering all expenses. However, these sorts of the workforce are a little hard to get.

Whom to hire?

As you came across three types of guides, you might get confused when choosing one for your expedition. The licensed guide has to be with you while on the trek. What if you also have a huge load to carry? You can go for both a licensed guide and porter or just a guide cum porter in such a situation. However, you can do the trek with a porter only, but typically porters are less skillful than the guides. Thus, we suggest you to hire an experienced licensed guide and a porter only if you have a loaded backpack.

How to Hire a Guide for Manaslu Trek

After knowing the value of having a licensed guide in Manaslu Circuit Trek, you should also learn how to hire one. The simplest way to get an experienced guide is to contact us, Base Camp Adventure. We are a professional team that has been helping people across the world to do expeditions in Nepal. Our tour and trekking packages are among the most selling in Nepal.

If you reach us for the trek, we will arrange everything for you. From the start to the very end of Manaslu Trek, our team will accompany you. We are best at organizing trips in Nepal, so many of our previous clients have excellently reviewed us.

As you know, Manaslu Trek without Guide is not possible. But it is possible with the Base Camp Adventure Team. We will assign a highly experienced guide and porter for your Manaslu Circuit Trek.

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Must-know information about Manaslu Trek

Significant Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Walk and explore the off-the-beaten trails of the Manaslu Region.
  • Experience the eighth tallest peak in the World, Mt Manaslu, and other peaks teasing you.
  • Meet and learn more about the settlements and people of the region influenced by the Tibetan culture.
  • Reach Larkya La Pass(5,153m)-one of the picturesque passes in Nepal.
  • Explore the wild side of Manaslu Conservation Area.
  • Trek via amazing landscapes and valleys.
  • Pay visits to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries, gompas, chortens.

Outline Itinerary for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and Hotel Transfer

Altitude Gain: 1400m(Kathmandu)

Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing and Trek Preparation

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola

Drive Hours: 7 to 8 hours

Altitude Loss: 700m(Sotikhola)

Day 04: Trek from Sotikhola to Machha Khola

Trek Hours: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude Gain: 863m(Machha Khola)

Day 05: Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat

Trek Hours: 7 to 8 hours

Altitude Gain: 1340m(Jagat)

Day 06: Trek from Jagat to Deng

Trek Hours: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude Gain: 1860m(Deng)

Day 07: Trek from Deng to Namrung

Trek Hours: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude Gain: 2,630m(Namrung)

Day 08: Trek from Namrung to Samagaun

Trek Hours: 7 to 8 hours

Altitude Gain: 3,520m(Samagaun)

Day 09: Rest and Acclimatization day in Samagaun

Day 10: Trek from Samagaun to Samdo

Trek hours: 3 to 4 hours

Altitude Gain: 3,690m(Samdo)

Day 11: Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala

Trek hours: 4 to 5 hours

Altitude Gain: 4,460m(Dharamsala)

Day 12: Trek from Dharamsala to Larkya La Pass and then back to Bimthang

Trek hours: 8 to 9 hours

Altitude Gain: 5,160m(Larkya La Pass)

Altitude Loss: 3,890m(Bimthang)

Day 13: Trek from Bimthang to Dharapani

Trek hours: 7 to 8 hours

Altitude Loss: 1,860m(Dharapani)

Day 14: Jeep drive from Dharapani to Beshisahar

Drive hours: 3 to 4 hours

Altitude Gain: 760m(Samdo)

Day 15: Drive from Besisahar to Kathmandu

Trek hours: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude Gain: 1300m(Kathmandu)

Day 16: Departure from Kathmandu

Best Time for Manaslu Trek

Autumn and Spring are the two correct times for Manaslu Circuit Trek. To start with Autumn, September to November are Autumn’s and eventually suitable months to do Manaslu Circuit Trek. The weather during these months remains stable thoroughly, and you will have easy trekking days.

Likewise, the visibility of the region is also quite evident with the bright sun. Mountains like Manaslu, HImlung Himal, Annapurna II, etc., are seen all day long. The season is also a season of festivals in Nepal, making it an even best season to visit the country.

After Autumn, Spring is known as the most suitable time to do Manaslu exploration. March, April, and May are the months of the season when you should plan the trek. These months provide you a clear and stable trekking day every other day. Clean mountain views, fine weather, and warm temperature are the perks of the Spring season. However, the best part about Spring is the blooming flowers across the trails of Nepal.

When compared to Monsoon and Winter, Autumn and Spring are suitable times by far. The Monsoon and Winter are the low times to do any outing in Nepal. That is the time when conditions are not stable at all. There is high snowfall in the higher areas in the Winter season. Likewise, there is massive rainfall around the country during Monsoon. That is why Autumn and Spring become the best time for Manaslu Trek.

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What to Pack for Manaslu Trek?

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Packing List

“What to pack for Manaslu Trek” is a general question of everyone preparing for Manaslu Trek sooner or later. To help those souls, we have listed the list of the essential items for Manaslu Circuit Trek. The list is workable for the Autumn and Spring seasons.

(Note: If you are embarking on the expedition during Monsoon and Winter, you have to add some extra specific gears.)


  • Down Jacket
  • Insulated Jacket
  • Waterproof/Windproof Jacket
  • Thermal Layers
  • Trekking Shirts
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Trekking shorts
  • Breathable underwears
  • Rain gears(for monsoon trek)

Headwear and Handwear:

  • Scarf
  • Woolen hat
  • Sun hat
  • UV Sunglasses
  • Inner and Outer Gloves
  • Headlamp and extra batteries
  • Buff


  • Hiking socks
  • Gaiters(for monsoon and winter treks)
  • Sandals
  • Sturdy trekking Boots

Personal Hygiene

  • Quick Drying Towel
  • Sanitizers/Hand wash
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Cold Cream
  • Wet Tissues
  • Toilet Paper
  • Tooth Brushing Set
  • Soap


  • Trekking Poles
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Day Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Books
  • Playing Cards

Permits required for Manaslu Trek

There are several permits that you should have to do Manaslu Trek. Without those permits, you cannot do the trek. Some of them are to enter the protected areas, and the rest are to enter the restricted places. Let’s dig each of them below:

Restricted Area Permit(RAP)

As Manaslu Region is a restricted area, you will need the Restricted Area Permit to enter this area. The cost of getting this permit does not remain the same always. If you are traveling between September to November, the pass costs 70 USD for the initial seven days and 10 USD per day afterward. Likewise, for December to August trekking, 50 USD will work for the first seven days and thereafter 7 USD per day.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit(MCAP)

Manaslu Conservation Area is a protected site established to protect the wildlife and vegetation of the region. It is a site loaded with a wide range of plants and wildlife. You have to pay a certain amount as a permit fee to enter this site. The cost of MCAP for SAARC Nationals is 2 USD and 30 USD for Non-SAARC Nationals.

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit(ACAP)

You will pass through another protected area during this trek, Annapurna Conservation Area. This protected area is also enriched with loads of natural resources and lives. This permit’s cost is the same as the Manaslu Conservation Area Permit, 2 USD for SAARC and 30 USD for Non-SAARC Nationals).

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit

This permit is only required if you are traveling through Tsum Valley. The valley is a restricted area, and you have to pay 35 USD as a permit fee for this valley.

How and Where to get Permits?

You have to visit the tourist office with all the necessary documents in Kathmandu to get all of those permits. If you go through us, Base Camp Adventure, we will manage everything related to permits pretty quickly for you.

At Last

manaslu trek packing list

Manaslu Trek Without Guide is not a doable plan. As you grasp by now, the government has restricted solo trekking in the remote region by considering the difficulties of solo trekking there. That is why a licensed guide or porter is a must to do this remote but beautiful trek. The guide leads trekkers through the Manaslu Region safely and soundly.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is all about unturning the unturned stones of the region. Everything in this region is so new and pure that the trek will be a memory for a lifetime. If you want to do Manaslu Trek sooner or later, remember us, Base Camp Adventure, to organize your visit.

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