Namche Bazaar to Gokyo trek

Namche Bazaar to Gokyo trek

The Everest region of Nepal is not a normal place for a nature lover but a paradise. Home of the tallest mountain in the world, the Everest region, should be on your list to visit once in a lifetime. There are numerous attractions to see and explore other than just Mt. Everest and Everest Base Camp in the region. In that case, Namche Bazaar and Gokyo Valley are two of the many Everest region attractions.

The former one, Namche Bazaar, is the most scenic, most happening, and most iconic settlement of the Everest region. And, the latter one, Gokyo Valley, is the most picturesque, most lake consisting, and the most iconic valley of the region. To be able to explore these both of the vicinity in a trek would be such an exciting trek, wouldn’t be? Of course, yes.

There is this Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek that takes you through both of the places. It starts from Namche Bazaar’s alleys exploration and then moves through the woods to the valley of the pristine lakes. One embarking on this trek would be the luckiest person for at least 8 days. He/She will be staying totally occupied throughout the trek, how not when the view is such that you cannot take eyes off the view. Frankly, to do this scenic trek is a busy thing to do if you get impressed by the mountains, lakes, traditional settlements, landscapes, and vegetation. You’ll experience everything in an unlimited way on the trek.

Additionally, Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek has a whole other exciting part also. The part is for those who have not been to Everest Base Camp. If you are one of such people then you can lengthen the trek to see the base camp of Mt Everest. Now, just think of a trek that takes to Namche Bazaar, then Gokyo Valley, and then Everest Base Camp too. It has become an unavoidable deal now and you can hardly think of not doing this trek.

Let’s head into more information now. From here you’ll have detailed learning about Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek. Trek’s highlights, major attraction, the best time, and the detailed itinerary is written below:

Major Highlights of Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek

  • Reach and start exploring the Namche Bazaar, the busiest place of the Everest region.
  • Trek through many Sherpa settlements to reach Gokyo.
  • Learn like never before from the local people and their lifestyle, culture, and traditions.
  • Get impressed by the landscapes of the Gokyo Valley.
  • Wander around the several bluish and shining Gokyo Lakes.
  • Hike whilst viewing the lush vegetations.
  • Cross many swiftly flowing and sounding rivers and streams.
  • Enjoy the ample views of Mt Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, Lobuche, Makalu, and many more.
  • Do an optional trek up to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar.

About Namche Bazaar

7 day Everest Base Camp Trek Namche Bazaar

Every Everest climber and Everest Base Camp Trekker has to pass through one nicely settled town in the lapse of the mountains. That town is none other than the Namche Bazaar, the actual place from where your Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek starts. The green and blue roofs scattered all over the slope of a hill and behind that hill are some of the tallest mountains. This is how the village looks like or maybe better than that.

Namche Bazaar(3,440m) is a touristic town of the Khumbu(Everest) region and the most happening place also. The town is populated by the mighty Sherpas, who have been the greatest mountaineering guide for ages. The bazaar is popular as the acclimatization place for every high region trekker of the Everest region. Almost all of the Everest region treks pass through this amazing stop and has become the point of acclimatizing with the altitude. There are several must-visit places very near the Bazaar like Sagarmatha National Park’s information center, one of the world’s highest located hotels, Everest view hotel, and Dense Sherpa villages like Khumjung Khunde and Thame.

Moreover, this picturesque town does fulfill most of the longings of the trekkers and climbers. Cafes, Restaurants, ATMs, Shopping Markets, and Bakeries can be found within the town. There is no such place as Namche Bazaar in the Everest region if you are looking for town-facilities.

How to reach Namche Bazaar

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

You have two ways to reach Namche Bazaar to start the Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek, if you are starting from Kathmandu: Via helicopter and Via Flight cum Trek. Let’s discuss each of them briefly:

Via Helicopter

It is the quickest way to reach Namche Bazaar from Kathmandu and start the trek. The helicopter service is available for those who cannot wait much. It will be a helicopter flight of 30 minutes to reach Namche. The cost of this option is obviously not cheap. But you don’t have to trek for 2 days if you opt for Helicopter service to Namche Bazaar.

Via Lukla Flight cum Trek

This is an option that most of the people like to do, it saves some bucks though. But you have to trek for 2 days for around 5 to 6 hours daily from Lukla to Namche Bazaar. There will be a 30 minutes flight to Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region, and the trek starts right away after the arrival. The world popular Everest Base Camp Trek starts this way, after the Lukla flight. On the first day, you have to trek up to Phakding from Lukla and up to Namche the next day. If you have enough time and want to have a little more trek than this can be your right way to reach Namche Bazaar.

About Gokyo Valley and its lakes

Let’s now turn our eyes towards another attraction of the trek, Gokyo Valley. As said before, the valley is the most scenic valley you ever can visit in Nepal. It’s seated in the western part of the Khumbu region with six pristine lakes and many picturesque landscapes. Gokyo valley is an off-the-beaten place of the Everest region and it is often picked to avoid the ever-crowding Everest Base Camp Trek.

The valley’s attractions are in abundant numbers that you can never get enough of the view. The six most frequented lakes and 13 other small lakes, Gokyo Ri(Peak), the Gokyo village(4,700m), and breathtaking mountains are seen from the valley, all these happenings make this place a worthwhile one. Mt Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu, the three eight-thousanders, and several other peaks can be sightable from the valley. And the several traditional villages of the Gokyo Valley add sugar to the sugarcane.

Gokyo Valley’s trek allows its visitors to have a peaceful time with nature at its best.

Not many people will be there as most of the people are unaware of the beauty of this region. The place will keep you saying just “wow and outstanding”.

Best time for Namche bazaar to Gokyo trek

Gokyo Valley Trek

If you want to have a hassle-free Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek, Autumn and Spring are the times. The months of those seasons are the best for trekking or any other adventure in Nepal. Autumn stays across September, October, and November. If you do the trek in any of these months, you’ll have an easy trekking experience. The reason is temperature remains warm and steady, the weather does not change much. What else would you want other than that?

Likewise, Spring is very similar to the Autumn in treating the trekkers. You’ll have almost identical conditions as the former season. No rainfall, snowfall, and dark clouds at all through March, April, and May of the Spring. The Everest region is flocked with trekkers from all around the world during this time also. If you choose this time, you’ll become one of those people enjoying Spring colors in the region. Spring is also a time for flowers to open up and display its colors.

However, the rest of the seasons: Winter and Monsoon, are the off-times for this trek or any other trek. The only best part about these times you get less crowded trails. For enjoying the peace surrounding you have to take risk amid chances of rainfall, snowfall, and harsh temperature. Would you do that or go with everyone’s favorite Autumn and Spring?

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Detailed Itinerary of Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek (Starting from Namche Bazaar)

The detailed itinerary of Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek mentioned below starts from Namche Bazaar and reaches Everest Base Camp too. It is optional to add Everest Base Camp trek on the trek. If you like to do it, you can do that. If not, you’ll return from Gokyo valley back to Namche Bazaar and then to Kathmandu.

Day 01: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Dole

Trek hours: 7 hours

Highest altitude: 4,040m

The trek to Dole will start after one full-day acclimatization day at Namche Bazaar(3,445m). The trail from Namche Bazaar to Dole is scenic and keeps getting more and more with the movements. After leaving Namche behind through the alpine and Rhododendron based forest, you’ll reach Kyanjuma village. There you’ll pause your trek for a short rest and snacks.

Thereafter, you’ll join the trail that is a bit rough and lies just above the Dudh Koshi river’s gorge. From that height, the amazing views of Ama Dablam, Mt Everest, Lhotse will start to appear. Mong La Pass(3,972m) will take care of better views for you. Then the trail descends downwards to Phortse Thenga before reaching Phortse. After some trekking hours through lush forest side and green pastures, you’ll reach Dole(4,040m). Don’t forget to watch the mesmerizing sunset view from Dole.

Day 02: Trek from Dole to Machhermo

Trek hours: 4 hours

Highest altitude: 4,410m

You’ll leave Dole, for now, to start the trek to Machhermo. Today’s trek has some steep sections to ascend, therefore, make sure to have a tight breakfast. The altitude will keep increasing, you don’t rush a bit also. There will be worthy views all around, you just have to turn your head only. From above, you’ll see the shades of Dudh Kosi river and valley.

The lush forest of Juniper trees and the smell from it will keep you ascending. Along the trek, you’ll also see the icy-rocky section of Ngozumpa Glacier with the mountains. And enjoying the view, you’ll not know that you’ve reached Machhermo(4,410m)

Day 03: Trek from Machhermo to Gokyo village

Trek hours: 4 to 5 hours

Highest altitude: 4,750m

Today is the day when you’ll reach the place that you were dreaming for some time. But for that, you have to do a trek through steep and narrow trails. This is one of the testing days of Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek, that is why you don’t forget to have a sufficient breakfast. With every step forward, the valley will seem like widening and get more picturesque.

The trail will lead you to the bank of the Dudh Koshi river. From the bank, you’ll approach the steep section of Ngozumpa Glacier. After some hours of hardship, you’ll come across the first Gokyo lake. You’ll lay there for a while enjoying the scenario of bluish water. Leaving that place, you’ll move towards the pastures of the region before arriving in Gokyo village. The area by the village is so amazing to watch as the Dudh Pokhari, one of the Gokyo lakes is near the village. You’ll get soaked by the beauty of Gokyo valley and its villages and lakes.

Day 04: Trek from Gokyo village through Gokyo Ri to Thangnak

Trek hours: 6 to 7 hours

Highest altitude: 5,357m

On this day, the Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek will be completed one way. As said earlier, you have an option to add Everest Base Camp Trek. If you wish to add it, then you will move towards Thangnak after ascending Gokyo Ri. If not, you’ll return from Gokyo Ri back to Gokyo village for retracing the trail to reach Namche. The itinerary from here will be Everest Base Camp Trek added one.

The trek to Gokyo Ri(5,357m), one of the highest passes, will start after breakfast early in the morning. Definitely, the trail to the top will be rocky and steep. As you reach the top of it, you’ll be bestowed with the breathtaking panorama of all of the Everest region. The Gokyo lakes will also be seen from that height nicely. It will take some time to live and enjoy the views from Gokyo Ri.

After enough views, you’ll descend towards Thangnak as you are aiming to see Everest Base Camp. Some hours of downhill trek will be required to reach Thangnak. You have to watch the trail attentively as there are chances of slippery conditions. Overnight at Thangnak, a small but attractive village by the hills.

Day 05: Trek from Thangnak to Dzongla

Trek hours: 6 to 8 hours

Highest altitude: 5,420m

Now it is the day to reach Dzongla. The trek is not easy though, you have to trek through another high pass of the region Cho La Pass(5,420m). To reach Cho La Pass from Thangnak, you have to cross the path that is steep and has rocky boulders. As soon as you reach Cho La Pass, an awe-inspiring vision will be against your eyes. You can get a round view of the Gokyo valley and the Everest region from the top.

Thereafter, you have to take a downhill way which leads to Dzongla. Though the descending trails are easy as you don’t need much stamina, but you have to watch the slippery tracks. The trail will end up at Dzongla, another scenic village of the region. Several mountains can be seen from the village.

Day 06: Trek from Dzongla to Lobuche

Trek hours: 3 to 4 hours

Altitude gain: 4,930m

Lobuche will be the next stop after leaving Dzongla. The day will be an easy trekking day. There are ascends to climb but not the tough ones. Peaks will be with you throughout the trekking day. You’ll feel like trekking in the playgrounds of mountains. Lobuche Peak, the popular trekking peak of Nepal, will soon be visible and the Lobuche village too. Overnight in Lobuche Village.

Day 07: Trek from Lobuche through Gorak Shep to Everest Base Camp

Trek hours: 6 to 8 hours

Highest altitude: 5,360m

Now onwards from here, you’ll join the trail of Standard Everest Base Camp. You’ll join other trekkers to reach Everest Base Camp today. The trek will be a bit difficult as you will have crossed 4500m+ already. The trail is rough as well but views from every angle will boost your speed. You’ll stop at Gorak Shep to book a room for yourself as you will return from the base camp to this place for the night.

Then you’ll move all excited towards the base camp of the world’s tallest peak. Obviously, the trail is steady and rough from Gorak Shep to the base camp. But you’ll keep striving for the view from Everest Base Camp. Visiting the base camp is once in a lifetime experience. The historic place allows you to enjoy the view of Mt Everest and several other peaks.

After that, you’ll return back to Gorak Shep for a night’s rest. There are no lodges and tea houses around the base camp and the closest teahouse place is the Gorak Shep.

Day 08: Trek from Gorak Shep through Kala Patthar to Dingboche


Trek hours: 5 to 6 hours

Highest altitude: 5,545m

Altitude gain: 4,410m

The view from Everest Base Camp of peaks is not enough, that’s why you’ll hike up to Kala Pathar. Kala Patthar(5,545m) has the best viewpoint to see the broad views of Mount Everest. Not only the Everest, but you also get the best angle views of other peaks.

Thereafter, you’ll fall back from the Kala Patthar towards Dingboche(4,410m). The trek to reach Dingboche will be a descending and thus easy one. All over the way, you’ll enjoy the mountains and landscapes views from back and forth. Dingboche(4,410m), is a beautiful Sherpa settlement with several houses, your night will be there in the village.

Day 09:Trek from Dingboche to Namche

Trek hours: 7 to 8 hours

Altitude gain: 3,445m

By now, you’ll be looking for the way to your home on the Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek. Namche Bazaar will be the destination to reach before nightfall and you’ll be trekking all the way from Dingboche. It will be a long trek where you’ll pass several villages on the way to Namche. Among all, Tengboche is the most important village that you’ll pass on this day.

The village is home to one of the largest monasteries in Nepal, Tengboche Monastery. It’s a blissful time to stay around this monastery and get blessings. From the playground of this monastery, you can look at various mountains. You’ll leave the village too as you have to reach Namche on this day. The trek is mostly descending and easy but still, it will take 6 to 8 hours to reach Namche. Here you go, you’ll be back in Namche for once again on the trek.

Day 10: Trek from Namche to Lukla

Trek hours: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude gain: 2,860m

This will be the last trekking day of Namche Bazaar to Gokyo Trek. It will take around 6 to 7 hours of descending to reach Lukla from Namche. The trek of this day will bestow you with some time around the woods and the views of landscapes. Dudhkoshi river which starts from the Gokyo valley will guide you towards Lukla. You’ll spend a night there in Lukla.

Day 11: Fly back to Kathmandu

Flight duration: 30 minutes

Altitude gain: 1,400m

And finally, you’ll leave the Everest region with a flight back to Kathmandu. The flight will last for 30 minutes in the skies. You’ll have a scenic flight time as you’ll see an aerial view of the various mountains. Lastly, the trek ends once you land in Kathmandu.

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