People of Tibet

Tibet, the autonomous state of People Republic of China is widely reputed for its unique culture and tradition. Hardly influenced by western civilization, it has its environment, culture and tradition intact for centuries which makes you imagine captured hundreds of years back while visiting Tibet. This is also enhanced by the people of Tibet who are less influenced by western culture and known for their optimistic and bold nature.

Talking about the people of Tibet, the inhabitants of Tibet includes Menpa, Luopa, Sherpa and the Tibetans. It is believed that the ancestors of the present Tibetans lived around Tsangpo River and earned their living mainly from agriculture. It is also home to several nomadic people who keeps moving from one place to another place herding their yak and sheep. Altogether, it is estimated that there are around 260,0000 people residing in this high land plateau.

One thing that makes people of Tibet so special is that they always seem very happy with whatever they have. No matter where they live, wear or eat, they are always satisfied and happy and cherish each and every moment of their life. This special quality of Tibetan is the reason that makes their lifestyle very special. More importantly, the people of Tibet loves their guests as much as they love themselves. Even a day in Tibet with these wonderful people teaches you to learn simple courtesies and gives you many reasons to love yourself.

Tibetan people have very strong belief and optimism in their religion. Nowhere else on earth you can find people so much devoted to protect their religion. Most people are devotees of Buddhism while few trace of Christianity and Islam can be seen in the cities like Lhasa and Yanging. It is amazing to see the deep belief these people have on their religion. With one third of people being Monk, Tibet is clearly the state with largest number of monks in the world.

As far as the occupation of the Tibetans is concerned, majority of people are still confined to agriculture sector. However, the number is declining as the educated people are increasingly moving out into big cities in search of better job. Apart from that, many people earn their living making traditional wooden handicrafts.

The local people of Tibet are very interested in entertainment activities. They take part in some of the most interesting activities like wrestling, tug of war, horse riding among others and are very proud of their culture. Apart from that, they are equally interested in singing and dancing.  They have earned the reputation of ‘sea of dances and songs’ for their land.

Hence, Tibet is the residence of optimistic, straightforward and courageous people who are known as ‘Happy people’. So, take a trip to Tibet and get to know these wonderful people from whom you can lean a lot about life, religion and culture.