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Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Nepal is famous for trekking, and with its wide range of trekking options, it attracts trekkers of all ages from around the world. It is also possible to go for a trek in Nepal with your kids.

Trekking in Nepal with kids is a fun activity for your entire family. From easy and short trails, you can choose one suitable for you and especially your kid’s physique. After all, everyone should be able to enjoy the trek.

Trekking as a family is a good way to explore the nature in Nepal along with having some exciting adventure.

Now, it is natural for parents to worry about the kid’s safety. And there could be a lot of doubts about taking your kid for a trek. Can they pull it off? Who will carry them if they can’t walk? How safe is it?

Well, you will need to do a little homework before you begin the trek.

You have to prepare your children physically and mentally to be ready to adapt to any situation. Be it the trails, the accommodation, the food or the weather.

Prior to going for the trek, it would be best to take them for short hikes and walks. And as long as the kids are active and open to new things, nothing can stop you and your children from having a good time.

Allow us to discuss a few aspects that you will find helpful in planning a trek in Nepal with your kids.

Age Range

While trekking in Nepal, it is not a good idea to take very young children for a long trek involving high altitudes. Especially children below 5 years old.

Hence, when choosing a trek, you should stick to easy routes up to an altitude of 3,000 meters.

Children of 7 to 8 years or above who are physically fit are the perfect trekking partners. Kids with this age range could even surprise you with their stamina.

On the contrary, children from the age group 4 to 6 years are most difficult to take on trekking. Because these kids are too young to walk for long distances and too old to carry.

Hence trekking with children of this age will depend on the child’s stamina and resilience. On the other hand, it is possible to go on a short trek in Nepal with kids who are very young ( 1 year plus).

You can hire porters or child carriers who will carry the kids on their back in Nepali Basket.

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Best Routes for Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Poon Hill trekPoon Hill trek with kids

If you are looking for an easy trek with your kids, Poon Hill trek is an ideal option. The Poon Hill trek is a 4-day route in the Annapurna region with a maximum elevation of 3,210m.

Due to its low elevation, there are fewer chances of getting altitude sickness, both for you and your kids.

Some of the paths may be steep, yet the trails are not too difficult to cross. It is a very pleasant trek and takes you through various local villages and rhododendron forests.

This trek is great for beginners and is a good way to introduce the kids to a new environment in a different country. The kids can enjoy the walk through dense forests and mountain views.

During the trek, you will stay in standard teahouses and overall it will be a great experience for the family as a whole.

Annapurna Community Homestay TrekAnnapurna Community Homestay Trek with kids

This is a lesser known touristic area. Hence it is great for kids as there is less crowd. Also, the highest point of the trek is Manohar Danda which lies at an altitude of 3,320 meters.

During the trek, you will get incredible views and witness a variety of cultures. This trek takes about 5 days to complete with the kids.

Overall it is a great trek for kids who are not too physically active. And the route consists of numerous homestays and community lodges for easy accommodation.

The Royal TrekThe Royal Trek with kids

Another option for trekking in Nepal with kids is the Royal Trek. It is a relaxed trek, spanning routes with a maximum altitude of around 1,700 meters. You can easily do this trek with your kids in about 4 days.

The trek starts from the north of Pokhara Valley and passes through Gurung villages. The kids will have a great time with a good view of the Annapurna Range. Begnas Lake is where the trek ends. This place is very calm and peaceful.

Having little to no risk of altitude sickness, this is a popular and easy trail suitable for beginners and young kids.

Jomsom- Muktinath TrekJomsom- Muktinath Trek with kids

With dry Himalayan desert landscape, one can do this trek in about 3 to 4 days or lengthen it to a duration of your desire.

This trek is full of great views and natural beauty. Aside from the natural beauty, the temples, Chortens, Monasteries, and animals passing by will not bore your children.

In some of the ways, if your kids find it difficult to walk, you can put them on a horse which can be fun and exciting.

Hence Jomsom-Muktinath trek is one option for trekking in Nepal with kids with the highest elevation of just 3,780 meters at Muktinath.

Everest Panorama TrekEverest Panorama Trek with kids

If you want to get the great views of the Everest range then Everest Panorama Trek is a relatively easy trek.

Beginners and family with kids can take this trek as it is short. And the highest elevation is 3,962 meters at Tengboche.

During this trek, you will get to walk in the footsteps of early mountaineers and get the stunning mountain views.

This trek also allows you and your kids to explore the Sherpa capital of Nepal-Namche Bazaar.

Best 1-Day Hike in Nepal with kids

If you are not sure about taking multiple day treks because you have very young children, you can choose various one-day family hikes. You can take these trek in Kathmandu or Pokhara which will allow you to return to your comfortable hotel for overnight.

Some of the best 1-day hikes are:

Shivapuri National ParkShivapuri National Park with kids

Shivapuri National Park lies to the north of Kathmandu Valley and provides day-hiking trails. With astonishing views over the city, your kid is bound to have a good time.

The trek route passes through forests, rivers, and monasteries. In the monastery, you can spot some monkeys which will amuse the kids.

The national park is a sanctuary to varieties of flora and fauna. The route is peaceful and the path is gentle. However, there are some steep steps along the way.

World Peace Pagoda HikeWorld Peace Pagoda Hike with kids

This is an easy and short hike around Pokhara to the Shanti Stupa or World Peace Pagoda. At a height of 1,100 meters, it is a great day-hike for a family with kids.

The hike starts by boating across the Fewa Lake. You will then walk through the forests to reach the top. From the top, you will get panoramic views of the Annapurna Range, Pokhara city and Fewa Lake.

SarangkotSarangkot with kids

Situated above the Pokhara City is the Sarangkot Hill. It is a popular spot to witness sunrise and sunset views. This is the hill from where the paragliders take off.

You can hike all the way up to the hill. The hike is not difficult and kids who have a habit of walking can easily go on this hike.

Sightseeing Around Kathmandu ValleySightseeing Around Kathmandu Valley with kids

There are many temples and ancient places to visit in the Kathmandu valley. Going to these places will be a unique and fun experience for your kids. It will also be a knowledge gaining opportunity.

Places like Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and Pashupatinath are all unique on its own and will amuse your kids. Hence sightseeing around the Kathmandu valley will be a beautiful and memorable experience for the kids.

Accommodation While trekking in Nepal with Kids

There are both teahouses and camp treks in Nepal. Yet for trekking with kids, the teahouse option is better in terms of comfort and safety.

The teahouses offer basic rooms and services, because of the basic and simple lifestyle in the mountains.

You should inform your kids about this in advance and prepare them well to adapt to any situation.

These rooms are on a twin sharing basis with a bed, mattress, pillow, and blanket.

There are no room insulations so if you need extra blankets you can always ask for them. Also, the walls of each room are very thin. So if you are a light sleeper, we recommend you bring earplugs.

If you and your kids don’t like these tea houses, you have the option of more luxurious tea houses. You can find those In some of the popular trekking routes such as the Annapurna and Everest Region.

However, in the remote treks, the tea houses are more basic. These teahouses have communal squat toilets and offer a free cold shower. And for a hot shower, you will need to pay a small fee.

While trekking in the remote areas, it is important to carry your own toiletries and toilet papers as some of the toilets may not have them.

Food and Drinks

While trekking in Nepal with kids, you will mostly walk in the lower regions. And the teahouses in the lower regions will have some varieties in the menu for food and drinks.

You can get Nepali, Indian and continental cuisine in these places. You will need to be careful about what you eat, and try to order something that you know you will get fresh. For kids who love pancakes, you can order them in the teahouses.

As for drinks, the options are water, tea, and coffee. While trekking, it is best to stick to water and drink as much as you can and stay hydrated.

One thing you will notice is that as you go higher, the choices on the menu becomes less, and can be limited to local Nepali cuisine and local tea and water. Hence it is a good idea to pack some snacks that your kids love.

This will serve as a great energy booster during the trek as well as options for actual meals.

Transportation and Routes

The roads leading to the head of the trails snakes past mountains and hills. And to reach there could take hours that can cause nausea and motion sickness.

Since you will be traveling with children, you can spend a little more and rent a more comfortable vehicle where your children can spread their legs or sleep if they want to.

You could even fly to your destination if you want to avoid the hassle of road travel.

And while walking in the trekking routes, it is important that you set your own pace while trekking. The standard treks usually offer more comfort and facilities. And you will also have easy access to emergencies just in case.

With kids, always start your trek early so that they can stop and rest by mid-afternoon.

Hiring a Porter

Hiring a porter during the trek with children is almost a necessity. While trekking with kids, you would have many more things to pack.

So If you arrange to have a porter, you don’t need to carry much in a day-pack. The porters will carry a backpack which can be a huge relief to you.

And if there is a need, you can get porters who will carry your children too.

The porters can play the role of a friendly babysitter and take care of your kids. A porter will be a close companion to your kids while on the trail.

However, make sure to hire a porter who is strong and experienced.

Health and Safety

When you are trekking in Nepal with kids, the most important thing to focus on during the trek is the health and safety of your children.

Be careful with drinking water and try to use boiled or purified water only.

You can purify your water by carrying water purifiers. Drinking clean and purified water is a must for you and your children’s health.

You should always keep track of your kids. Do not let them wander around after dark.

Acute Mountain Sickness

Trekking to lower elevations usually comes with no risk of altitude sickness. However, since the children are small and fragile, they are more susceptible to altitude sickness than adults.

Also, the symptoms are more difficult to diagnose in children, the situation can get complicated. So you should be extra careful.

If you are taking long treks, acclimatization during the trek is very very important with the kids. Lack of rest could also lead to Acute Mountain sickness (AMS).

Always watch out on your kids and ask them how they are feeling and let them rest whenever they feel the need.

The symptoms of AMS are tiredness, tears, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, headache, vomiting, etc.

If your kids show any of these symptoms, the best option and advice is to descend to a lower altitude. And if the symptoms persist, it is best to halt your trek and get the necessary medical attention.

Best time for trekking in Nepal with kidsBest Time for trekking in Nepal with Kids

Most treks and tours in Nepal are possible throughout the year. However, the best time to do them is during the local spring and autumn season.

These seasons provide stable and comfortable weather conditions. With clear and dry weather, it is the best time to take your kids outdoors for trekking.

During these months you will get the unobstructed view of the surrounding landscapes and mountain peaks.

Traveling in Nepal in autumn offers chances to witness some of the biggest festivals of Nepal.

As for winter and summer in Nepal, there will be snowfall and rainfall. These can make the trails wet, muddy and slippery. Hence these seasons are not the best for trekking with kids.

However, if your holiday or off-time is in winter, then you have the option of taking low altitude treks. With generally cool weather and no snowfall, these treks offer a fabulous view of the snow-capped mountains.

And for summer, you can choose the rain-shadow areas like Mustang. These regions of Nepal get little to no rain and hence you can consider trekking and also enjoy the views.

Packing for Trekking in Nepal with Kids

Packing depends on the way you plan to hire your porter. The weight carried by porters is generally 20 kgs. So make sure to carry all the necessary items without overpacking.

Useful Tips while Trekking in Nepal with kids

  • Choose a suitable season and plan for every trek. Decide which route to take and work out on the distance of the route. While trekking with kids, it is best to choose easy to moderate level treks below elevations of 3,500 meters.
  • While taking the mountainous route, hire a guide and a porter. A porter is a must to carry your bag and the kids.
  • Check the weather and pack accordingly. Carry the essential trekking gear for you and your kids.
  • Carry a water bottle and remind your children to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. In warm weather, there are more chances of children getting dehydrated.
  • Do not forget to carry a sun-hat and sunscreen with high SPF. Also, carry sunglasses for you and your kids to protect your eyes from bright sunlight.
  • Carry your kid’s favorite snacks to motivate them through the trek.
  • Take lots of breaks as children get tired easily. Let them enjoy and play in natural environment to divert their mind.
  • Prepare the kids physically and mentally to become ready to adapt to any situation.
  • Try to make the trip as much fun as possible by taking your children’s favorite toys. Games like cards, ludo can entertain them during the breaks. You can also consider carrying color pens and books so that they can draw what they see.
  • Carry spare batteries for your gadgets to reduce the worries of charging.
  • Depending on the age of your child, carry diapers and other hygienic products as you might not get them in the remote areas.
  • Make sure to get travel insurance for your whole family.
  • Consult with a doctor and make sure to get an update on vaccinations for you and your kids.
  • Do not forget to carry all the necessary documents before traveling to Nepal. Also, get all the permits from the authorities before trekking in Nepal. Kids below 10 years, however, do not require permits.
  • Learn about altitude sickness and if you notice any signs and symptoms, treat immediately.
  • Make sure to carry the necessary medicines such as stomach related medicines. Also, consider carrying vitamins and supplements for your kids.
  • Always keep your and the kid’s ID, passport and tickets with you. Also, make a few copies and keep them with you.


Nepal is a destination worth exploring with your little ones. Though it is an underdeveloped country, it is rich with natural beauty along with its unique diverse culture.

Your children can find it very interesting and exotic, and they also get to experience extensive outdoor learning.

They can enjoy the remote village tours, animal spotting, and amazing mountain views.

It is true that trekking in Nepal with kids comes with its own set of difficulties. However, it can be both an amazing and wonderful learning experience.

For further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to guide and assist you with the best of our knowledge.

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