Outstanding Service

We take pride in the level of service we produce, which we produce through constant deliverance. We
gain this through educating our service providers constantly on how they can better themselves. We
review our actions and seek the ones that would create the greatest impact for you. Moreover, these
actions go through constant quality checks which help us perfect it. We take pretty much everything into
consideration; different kinds of service practices for different clients, a general admiration and respect
for people of all cultures and attention to detail. Moreover, we make sure that little details are not looked
over such as time management, our general causal interactions with clients in the field and practice to
maintain a sense of professionalism always.

Competent & professional local guide

Our guides are from the local areas that you will be venturing into. Hiring local guides restores
authenticity, brings you a personnel that knows the local lingo, promotes an ecosystem empowering rural
communities by offering them jobs. Moreover, these guides are then selected on the basis of credentials,
their years of experience, level of professionalism and competence. We also conduct training programs
through our company to keep them updated with recent trekking practices. Moreover, in addition to
training them for on-the-field skills, we also help them sharpen their soft skills to make them better
communicators. Our trekkers hold a a great deal of responsibility from the navigation to protecting our
clients through any unforeseeable circumstances then we make it a priority to make them well-rounded
guides able to handle any activity and challenge with ease.

The real experience of Nepal

As mentioned earlier we put a great deal of effort into providing you with an in-depth knowledge of the
country. Our guides, itineraries, and facilities are all geared towards providing you with the most
authentic experience possible. This starts from the beginning, we are not about adding frills to
information that most travel companies do, instead, we give you honest real information on what you
might expect from. This honesty has garnered a lot of respect for us as well. When in the journey our
bond with the local communities and our local guides give an unforgettable experience filled with local
knowledge on the way of living, food and more. The best thing about it is along with the experience, your
interactions with local communities and settlement also add to the knowledge. Over the years we have
managed to study the areas well enough to become a go-to company for the required knowledge you
need about it.

Customized Trips

Traveling in Nepal is quite diverse, there is something for everyone here. Hence, our company has taken
great efforts to make sure that every kind of traveling that one wants to experience here can do so with
the help of our customized trip options. Before the start of our trip, our team will get in touch with to the
access the kind of traveling you are looking into, based on your expectations we gear up a line of
customizable trip options you can enjoy. This feature has allowed for many of our clients to maximize
their fun, to effective budget and make their experience as individualistic as possible.

Health and Safety

Traveling to the Himalayas means working through tricky trails and powering forward to the peaks. The
climate, interesting landscape and lack of infrastructure could all be reason enough to put special focus
on health and safety and this is exactly what we do. Firstly, we provide our trekkers with insurance, safe
gears to make sure that they are well guarded through it all. We have a responsibility towards them and
we plan to deliver. Secondly, by providing accurate information, latest travel gear and staff that is trained
to help keep you safe we make sure all of our clients well taken care of. Moreover, our on-field staff is
trained to spot any inconveniences or emergency situations easily that the Himalayas may bring. This
makes them fast reactors and always on-guard to protect you throughout your journey.

Small to average group

The flexibility in our itineraries also extends to groups of people we take with us. Our small group trips
who want privacy as they travel can do so with our one or two people group trips. In this type of trips,
the clients can intimately experience the Himalayas in solitude. This type of groups is especially common
between families and couple who plan to experience the majestic views together. Moreover, for those
people on a budget and willing to experience the grandiose views with a vibrant group of people, we
have the average group tours that hold a 12 people. Traveling this way is common among bigger
families, friends, and even strangers. It is a great way to meet friends and collect friends along the way.