Important Lessons That Trekking To Nepal Will Teach You

In this article, we are going to discuss the scenario of trekking in Nepal, when to go trekking in Nepal, and many more topics.

A trip to Nepal is a whole and oftentimes life-changing experience that lots of people have added to their bucket list and plan on making at least once in their lifetime, and for good reason. Nepal has some unique things to offer from a tourist’s perspective, but the incommensurable beauties are not the only things that attract so many people here year after year. It is believed that a journey to Nepal can completely change your existence. If you are currently planning on going trekking in Nepal, here is what you should know about what might await you at the end of the journey.

You Are Going To Look At Food Differently By The End Of The Journey

​The truth is food is not just simple food you are used to eating at mealtimes or whenever you feel hungry in Nepal. Here, mealtime tends to be quite different given the particularities of the situation here and the hardships that these people have to endure.

The people of Nepal know they should eat until there is no food left on the table or on their plate, and this is regardless of how full they are or whether they feel sick to their stomach or too tired to keep chewing. Whenever food is served at a table in Nepal, everybody comes together and shares the precious moment for as long as they can.

The simple and apparently unimportant act of having the family gathered around the dinner table is often times even more significant to the Nepali than the actual food that is being served. The Nepali are so hospitable and generous and they think of offering nourishment as a means of setting up the foundation for friendship. How beautiful is that?

Children learn this here from a very early age and the perpetual celebration of life and bonding through food is one of the lessons everyone will learn when going to Nepal for the first time. Table interaction does not consist of everyone shoving their noses into their phone, going live on Australia Casino, and playing a few quick rounds of slots online before dinner is served or while eating.

It also does not mean going on social media and virtually interacting with others while friends and family are seated right across from them, at the table. In fact, Nepal will teach you another precious lesson:

Talking Is Not Always Communicatingnepal trekking

If you are someone who is used to talking all the time and you go to Nepal, you may be faced with some challenges while learning some important life lessons. For instance, making eye contact and articulating some strong words here will most likely not do much for you. In fact, someone from Nepal has the ability to stare you straight in the eyes for a few hours without saying a single word to you and you will feel they are every bit present there with you, bonding in their own way. The language barrier is, of course, an important factor here, but you will also learn how, by simply displaying genuine care for someone, that you can convey more meaningful messages than your words could convey.

Sometimes, we try to say so much stuff to someone afraid of the little time that we might be given on this Earth or even while having coffee with friends and catching up after a long period of not seeing one another, that both of you could start to feel overwhelmed. Try, instead, to practice what the Nepali know to do best: just be there, holding that cup of coffee in your hand, staring into your friend’s eyes, and letting them know and feel that you have missed their presence in your life. Sure, communication is vital, but non-verbal communication oftentimes gets left behind for whatever reason.

Just be. Stay in the present and you will soon start to practice more mindfulness. Speaking of being more mindful, Nepal will also teach you to smile more mindfully. How is this even possible?

Smiling Can Be Mindful

The Nepali are known for smiling in such a refreshing and powerful way using all their teeth and lifting their cheeks so high so that they completely transform their eyes. Their eyes are captivating and will easily make you return the smile in a more mindful manner. Remember, the Nepali also use their smiles to communicate whenever they do not know a foreign language and this means that there is something incredibly powerful and magical about them. Bring back some of this magic with you from your upcoming trip to Nepal and thank yourself later.

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