Tour success: great secrets for delegating

When you offer tours in Nepal, and trekking trips that take you and your customers outside of the business of the city, it is important to delegate the everyday management of the company in order to achieve long term success. Delegating is essential in the workplace. Whether you are managing your employees, collaborating on a group project, you are going to need to know how to delegate efficiently and appropriately. 

Of course, delegating becomes decidedly more difficult when you are working with difficult employees. There isn’t just one type of difficult employee either. There are a handful of various types: the ones who try and do the least amount of work possible by pretending they didn’t get the rules, the ones who are always too busy, the ones who slack off, and everything in between. 

If you are facing the hardship of assigning work to difficult employees, follow these steps to make sure things get done:

Offer Clear Directions

When you run a tourism company, some employees might be tasked with managing requests over the phone or online, others handling payment and confirmations for bookings, still others doing the actual tours and treks, and of course every others handling the more mundane tasks of running a business like legal or financial affairs. But no matter what tasks they have, you must help staff by offering clear and concise directions when you assign them any work. 

The opposite of a “go-getter”, it is quite common for careless employees to try and minimize their responsibilities, then shift blame when things come down by claiming they received unclear directions. To avoid this, you need to give crystal clear instructions, instructions that cover every detail of what is required of them. 

This is imperative at the start of the tasking, because you do not want to micromanage the individual as they work through the task. Doing so will undermine their performance, their confidence, and the disarray of the project in general. So, in lieu of standing over their shoulder—you certainly have more important things to do with your time—you should focus on the intent of the task and give them a modicum of room to explore ways to complete that task on their own. 

Make it absolutely clear that you are giving them responsibility over the task, not a list of step by step instructions. Tell them what the goal of the project is, what its purpose is, what is required, and what the end should look like so that they have no room for other interpretations. Once they understand that completing the task exactly as you want it done is their responsibility, just check in on them every so often to see if they have questions. 

Tailor the tasks to the right personality

You have probably faced that employee who always seems “too busy” to add another task to their plate. Obviously it is your job to rectify this seemingly constant state of “too busy”. Once this happens, you are left with three alternatives for effective delegation. 

  1. First, assign the person to tasks that are better suited toward their abilities. 

  2. Second, if this is not possible, you have to lower your expectations. 

  3. Third, you must minimize the chance of poor performance, especially if you are unable to fire that employee. 

So, get to know your employees. Take the time to figure out what they love and what things they do best. Pair their unique passions and talents to specific tasks that you are in charge of delegating. Passionate employees rarely need supervision and a personal interest in the task at hand will beget genuine creativity and solutions to issues on their own. Delegate things that are important and honestly need done. Compliments will go a long way and the explanation will give them the sense of involvement, that feeling of being needed, and a purpose. 

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