Why Are People Hiking More Often?

It’s the best time to be alive.  We are at the height of technological development and medicine, and while our world is far from perfect, it does feel great to be alive in the 21st century. Admittedly, the generations after us will have perhaps a little more to enjoy, yet that this shouldn’t put you down.

You have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, get on your yacht and sail across the Atlantic Ocean if you want to, and visit every corner of planet Earth. Besides, you would soon be able to fly in outer space for a quick, although pricey, scoop around the world.

Then again, there are people who seek peace and quiet, away from the city, and away from the achievements of the day. Hiking is becoming a preferred hobby, offering people a healthy exercise away from the hubbub of cities. Hiking has its many upsides, and we are here to focus on several of those.

The Advantages of Having a More Balanced Lifestyle

Hiking has many advantages. From the fresh air, you can get in your lungs to the healthy walk around well-trodden nature trails, and it’s all worth it. The overall positives for your body are actually quite neat. 

You will get to enjoy various positives from your exercise, and if you are in the habit of hiking often, you will be able to tune up your organism to be more resilient to certain diseases such as colds, flu and other common ailments that can be avoided.

a healthy lifestyle with hiking

Overall, walking is a great exercise, but combine it with hiking, and you are already having a far more enjoyable time and improving your overall health while doing something you enjoy. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys hiking.  Yet, hiking has other upsides as well. It may be a source of inspiration, the opportunity to snatch some great photos and see places that you would otherwise probably miss. 

With today’s lifestyle, which often has us tied up to a very stressful and sadly unavoidable routine, people appreciate the quiet of nature and its beauty. Remeber, there is science to back up the claim that hiking is actually healthy.  According to several comprehensive studies which observed participants who hiked on and off during the month, the following improvements were observed:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Overall mood boost
  • Improved memory 
  • Boost empathy

All of these are strange things to get out of a hike.  No matter how sedentary your preferred lifestyle is, there is an evolutionary paradigm that makes humans simply crave some form of action, even if that is a simple walk out in nature. Besides, people who hike more often actually tend to lose more weight, which is another big upside of hiking after all.

What If You Don’t Want to Hike in the First Place?

If you don’t like hiking, you probably have never hiked the right way before. There are many ways to do just that. Perhaps, you can set a goal for yourself – scaling some low-hanging mount or maybe going camping with your friends in the woods. There are many things to motivate you, and even if it’s having a small cooked meal in the midst of the woods, there are plenty of reasons why you would want to hike yourself. If you are not sure how to choose your hiking trail, just join a forum or a social media discussion about hikes. 

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In much the same way, there are websites where you can study great hikes or even find people who would be interested in going out on a hike with you if you can’t get your own friends to join.  There are many upsides of hiking, and if you are just willing to try, you will see those for yourself. Finding people to hike with would never be too much of an issue when you think about it as tons of people are either doing it regularly or in the very least want to see if they would enjoy it. 

Yes, the 21st century is the century of space exploration, defeating a string of diseases and more, but people will continually seek peace and quiet right here on Earth. It’s not too bad at all!

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