Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List

Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List

In this article, we are going to discuss the Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List.

Trekking in the endearing land of the Himalayas, filled with scenic beauty, is a fantasy for every travel bug. With the power of the internet, the captivating images that reflect a beautiful sight at one part of the world can reach many of its admirers in no time.

The enchanting views portrayed by the pictures definitely do draw the attention of a lot of people. If you have not yet traveled to Nepal, it’s about time.

Had you chose a luxury trip to Nepal, there wouldn’t have been any problem with the checklist because you could easily get the left-over items in the city areas. Since you are setting off for an exciting adventure – trekking in the rural parts of Nepal, you must be mindful of what can be essential and what unnecessary.

It is possible to leave your unnecessary goods at your hotel/lodge room at Kathmandu or Pokhara or even with the travel agency you choose. You are in fact suggested to carry only the things that you will require. Shed the baggage right from home.

Nepal teahouse trekking packing list

The main idea behind this list is to share the list of items that you’d possibly need while you’re trekking in Nepal. But, this is just a tentative list of items, please feel free to personalize it.


T-shirts (non-cotton) – 5

As cotton clothes take much time to dry, it is not a recommended fabric for travel. You’d possibly be sweating all your way through the trek. So in that case as well, a non-cotton t-shirt will easily dry and prevent your body from longer exposure to humidity.

As for the number, you will not need a new shirt for every day. There are places where you can give your shirts a quick wash if you feel they are sweaty and smelly.Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List

Polyester is light-weighted, breathable, and dries quickly. You can opt for other similar fabric too.

Long-sleeve shirts – 2

It is always intelligent to back up for any possible situation. The long-sleeve shirts will keep you warm if the atmosphere is quite cold. These are also good for the cold chilling nights near the Himalayas. On the other hand, long-sleeved shirts will also protect you from direct sunlight, if the rays are scorching in the daytime. You can also buy them in the store of Kathmandu for some $ 3 per piece. These are the must include items in the Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List.

Waterproof hiking boots – 1 pair

The trekking trails are filled with adventures. You will be climbing up and down the stairs, through the steep hills, crossing the water streams, walking through the meadows and the forests.

Therefore, it is important that you have a pair of reliable hiking boots that is water-resistant. It is important to keep your feet dry and moving. Wet feet can cause numbness and difficulty in walking.

Pants or convertible trekking pants – 1 pair

For me, shorts are more comfortable while trekking as the body will be heating up naturally. A pair of trekking pants is more than enough as you can use them multiple times, even without washing – they will ultimately get dirty anyway.

Convertible trekking pants are a great option. A waterproof one is also another wise option.

Hiking Undergarment – 3

These are some of the essential items in the packing. Hiking undergarments are usually made of breathable fabric. They are light to carry and goes well in both cold and warm weather.

Boardshorts – 1 pair

It can be surprising to know that you’ll need a swimsuit on your trek to freezing altitudes but let me tell you, there’s more than what you can expect. While on your trek route, you’ll come across many natural water spots – both hot and cold.

Therefore, backing up one extra boardshorts will keep you favored. Or jump in in your undergarments.

Sandals – 1 pair

After the day-long trek, you might not desire to get into those shoes. They will want to breathe. So once you reach your destination tea house, you’d probably want to take them off and aid them with a pair of easy slippers/sandals. These are easy to carry you anywhere within the lodge, or even along the riverside. Therefore, these are the must include items in the Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List.

Rain jacket – 1

A good quality rain jacket with a hood is essential to keep you away from the rain. Weather in the Himalayas can be unpredictable. Therefore, it is better to keep yourself safe from possible obligations throughout your trek journey.

You can add a light fleece to the list for extra warmth but do not opt for a 2-in-1 fleece and rain jacket as it will not be feasible for trekking in the woods.

Waterproof pants – 1 pair

Waterproof pants can take a huge space in your packing but they are very essential to keep you dry if you are trekking at higher altitudes where rain is unpredictable. It is better to update yourself with the environment and possible weather conditions on your expected travel dates.

Do this with your travel agency. They’ll give you the most genuine suggestions.

Trekking socks – 2-3 pairs

It is obvious that walking throughout the day will cause your feet to sweat more than normal. But you simply can’t let your feet be greasy and wet with your sweat. It can cause difficulty in walking and also cause a problem to your travel partners once you take off your shoes at the destination.

So you must choose good quality trekking socks that will prevent you from all the possible consequences.

Gears -Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List

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If you’re not hiring a travel agency service, then you’ll have to make sure the backpack you’re carrying is comfortable and easy enough.

Make sure the bag offers an evenly distributed weight throughout its body so that it provides you a much easy uphill trek. Depending upon your days of the trek, you can choose a 50 to 70 liters bag.

Water bottle

Water bottles are the must carry in the list. You are sure to get thirsty. Also, keeping yourself hydrated is a must. This will prevent altitude sickness too.

You can refill them at many places in the trek route. These are the must include items in the Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List.


In the trekking route, there can be places where there’s no electricity, or if you’re walking through a hill, early in the morning for the sunrise, you’ll definitely need it. You can also opt for a torch but headlamps are more comfortable while walking.

Sunglasses/ Caps

If you do not want to get a suntan, equip yourself with caps and sunscreen lotions. Also, sunglasses are great for the day when you are in snow. And back up a UV lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.

Sleeping Bags

Though not much required for tea-house trekking in Nepal, you can get one in for emergency cases. While purchasing a sleeping bag, choose wisely. If you are trekking and love to spend time outdoors, get a zero-degree sleeping bag that can handle the cold.

Electronics – Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List

Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List

Cell phone with a Nepalese sim

You are definitely not forgetting your mobile phone because you will have to make calls to the travel agency, the travel guide/potters and the hotel where you’ll be staying. Make sure you get a Nepali sim card so that you can make local calls with ease.

Camera, chargers, and extra batteries

You’re going to travel because of the photos you’ve seen from some source. And you’d definitely want to capture them for yourself too – either for sharing or storing for memories. So a good camera is a must on the list. Extra batteries, just in case.

In Nepal, you’ll find a two-prong, 220-volt plug. Make sure you have a good surge protector integrated into them, because the electricity supply may not be stable at times.

First Aid kit

It is wise to keep your requirements updated. If you’re trekking with a travel agency, they may provide you with a first-aid safety kit but it is always better to become self-sufficient.

Add all your daily supplement dosages along with a bandage for possible sprains, iodine wipes, electrolyte powder, anti-allergy pills, anti-diarrheal tablets, band-aids, and if you have high altitude sickness problem, take medication such as Diamox with you. These are the must include items in the Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List.

Nepalese Currency

You won’t find any ATMs or credit card vendors once you start trekking. Tea houses prefer cash. So carry enough money for your trek days.

You’ll require about 1500 – 2000 NPR ($15-$20) for food and 2000 – 3000 NPR ($20-$30) for accommodation on per day basis if you are trekking on your own.


Besides the major requirements, there are other things that you can carry in your backpack that will aid your journey. Things like toiletries, tents, reading books, trekking poles, additional battery/memory cards, zip lock bags, microfiber towel, ear plugs should add in to your comfort.

You’re also suggested to carry snacks like energy bars, chocolates, peanuts, and nuts. These will supply you with required energy during your trek.

Nepal Tea House Trekking Packing List – Conclusion

The tea house trekking routes in Nepal is filled with adequate resting houses for relaxation and will provide you with food and accommodation service at regular trekking intervals. But you may not find some essentials that you will probably require on a personal basis. Therefore, this travel checklist is created for your ease in packing the right thing.

You can either bring them on your own or buy them once you arrive at Kathmandu. You also have a choice to rent certain clothing and gears for few dollars per day in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Renting a sleeping bag will cost you some USD 2 per day.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding trekking in Nepal, feel free to contact us.

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