Trekking in Nepal in June

Trekking in Nepal in June

Nepal is the most visited trekking destination in Asia. Trekking options are available all year through. From the dry months of April to the wet months of June, you will find many trekking options in Nepal.

You may ask, “How is trekking in Nepal in June possible when it is raining?”

Well, with proper rain gears and appropriate preparation, you can opt for the treks in Nepal June.

There are many options for both short and long treks for June. The rain-shadow areas are some of the finest destinations you can trek to. You can also opt for near and short trekking destinations.

Trekking in June can be really refreshing, thanks to the greenery of Nepal. The petrichor on the lush hills will add calm and serenity in your mind, body and soul.

June brings an opportunity to experience rain-washed vegetations, colorful flowers, and less crowd. The reason is that the time of monsoon is a time of agricultural richness here.

Weather While Trekking in Nepal in June

It is monsoon as well as the summer season in June. So, the weather is hot and humid. The greatest temperature can be more than 30 degrees in the day and in the night it is around 18 degree.

In most parts, the average temperature can remain around, 24 degrees during the afternoon and at night it can get 19 degrees. This is the temperature of Kathmandu.

Whereas in Pokhara, the average temperature can be around 32 degrees and at night it can be around 21.7 degrees.

In the Annapurna Base Camp, the temperature can drop and might also reach to lower than 0 degree at night. So, it is better to dress in layers and also have a sleeping bag with liner.

As this is the time of monsoon in Nepal, rainfall is quite common. But it is most likely to rain during the afternoon or in the evenings. So, you can start the trek early in the morning and reach your final destination before it rains.

Pokhara receives about 400 mm of rainfall. The southern slopes in Eastern Nepal receive more than 200 mm of rainfall. The rain shadow area beyond the Himalayan ranges receives less than 50 mm of the rain.

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Every season has its own features and so does monsoon. Yes, it can be quite a blissful trekking experience June, the time of monsoon.

Exploring Geography

Just like any other seasons, June gives a great opportunity to explore the geography, climate, and cultural diversity too. But what is more popular is that it is also a better time to experience the agricultural activities. The local planting style will have you mesmerized which is mostly done in June.

Clear Views

After the evening rain, you will get crisp views in the morning. The sunrise is something that no one should miss. The golden rays touching the snow capped mountains is a must-watch view.

You also get the best views after the rain clears off. You will see the lush green hills. And the beautiful terrace farming with the local vegetations and the colorful flowers.

Less Crowd and Cheaper Deals

Since it is not the peak season, there is less crowd in the trekking trails. The trekking is more peaceful this way. Also, you will have more chances of beautiful photographs without the crowd.

Less crowd can also get you good deals on accommodations, flights and shopping for souvenirs. You can have the opportunity to choose some of the best tea houses in the best deal.

Essentials While Trekking in Nepal in June

Rain gears are a must while trekking in June. You need a good pair of water-proof trekking boots since the roads usually get muddy and slippery. You also need to invest in a good pair of rain-proof jackets and trousers.

Do not forget to pack a fleece jacket for the evenings. All the clothing gears should be breathable. Dressing lose can help during the day while sleeping bag with a liner can help in the evenings.

Permits are also a must-have during the trek. And, the permits vary depending on the region you are trekking to. You can easily get the necessary permits from Nepal Tourism Board throughout the year. And, June is no exception.

Along with clothing and permits, do not miss first aid kits and your personal toiletries. You also need a water bottle and water purification tablets along with it.

Whatever you pack, it is very important to protect your belongings from getting wet. So, a rain-proof cover for your backpack will help you.

Tips for Trekking in Nepal in June

  • The trails can get muddy, so a good pair of trekking shoes are your best friend.
  • Leeches, bugs, mosquitoes are common in this season, so carrying some table salt or insect repellent is helpful.
  • There is also a risk of landslides and floods so hiring an experienced guide will help you go from the best routes.
  • Start the trek in the morning because it usually rains in the afternoon.
  • Prepare for a few extra days because there are high chances of flights getting delayed.
  • Get travel insurance as they will recover in case of flight cancellation or other emergencies.
  • Carry a waterproof backpack for ease

Destinations for Trekking in Nepal in June

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Most of the trails in Annapurna Circuit trail lies in the rain shadow area. So, trekking in the region in monsoon will be no difficulty in this region.

Annapurna Circuit Trek is popular as the term ‘Classic Himalayan Trek’. This glorious trek encircles the Annapurna region and you have a lot you can experience if you choose this trek.

While starting the journey from Besisahar, you are more likely to experience more rainfall.

Frequent thunderstorms in the lower elevations are common. But, as you go higher to the rainshadow area, you will have easy trekking in the dry surrounding.

In the north of the Himalayan range is the high and dry Tibetan Plateau. The highest point of this trek is the Thorong Pass which is on the elevation of 5414 m. You will also walk through the valley of Upper Manang.

This is not affected by rain while offering greater views.

There is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site Muktinath there. The world’s deepest river gorge of Kali Gandaki Valley is also another highlight of this trek.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang, the forbidden kingdom is one of the top trekking destinations in Nepal. It is a rare privilege to enter the valley. It borders with Tibet and has Tibetan influence as well.

This is a rainshadow region which experiences least to no rainfall. So, trekking in Upper Mustang in June is less problematic due to rain or humidity.

On top of that, the people of the Buddhist villages there are always happy to see new guests coming in.

The beauty of the trek includes hidden Caves, Monasteries and the peaceful ambience of the Buddhist Community.

Upper Dolpo Trek

The Upper Dolpo Trek is the northern part of Dolpo. The Northern side of the Himalayan Region is good for trekking during the monsoon. So, this trek is a really good option to choose for trekking in June.

This adventurous trek offers you some of the most spectacular views of the Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri range. Trekking to this trans-Himalayan region in June is absolutely possible.

Gosaikunda Lake Trek

Gosaikunda Lake Trek is a short trek alternative you can do in the month of June. The alluring waterfalls, rivers and exotic landscapes are some of the best highlights.

Now you might be wondering if the water resources are overpowering in the monsoon but the altitude is not affected. June is one of the best times you can visit Gosaikunda. It is best if you visit in early June as the monsoon gets bigger in the later month.

The early June is still dry and this is a short trek. So it is perfect for the trekkers who have less time or want to start trekking in another destination.

This short trek is good if you do not like the crowd. Unlike other popular trekking destinations, Gosaikunda Lake Trek is much quieter and peaceful. A short trek like this is good during June because it takes about a week or so to complete, and you can get away from the rain.

This trek in the Langtang region is a moderate trek and is possible throughout the year. So, June is an option too. This is a close destination from Kathmandu to trek to.


Trekking in Nepal in June can be amazing and adventurous at the same time. The accommodations, permits and all the requirements are easily accessible and the deals can be really good too.

The Himalayan region in the northern – central part is favorable areas for trekking in June. And you also have a lot of options to choose to trek this month.

Fewer crowds give you benefits in the best deals and also the trails are quieter. So the month of June adds the best you want in your peaceful holiday. The experience is different than other season so this is another edition you can experience in your journey.

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