Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal is famous for traveling because of the availability of popular landmarks. These ideal spots make the best places to visit in Nepal.

The rich history and the surreal geographical variation of the country caters travellers from all fields of life. Whether you are a nature lover or a researcher or a travel enthusiast, Nepal will not disappoint you.

Planning your holiday in Nepal serves you with some of the best food to eat, captivating landscapes to view and some of the best places to visit in Nepal.

Here’s a detail of some of the best places to visit in Nepal for your next vacation.

National Parks

National Parks

Nepal has some of the most biodiversity due to the terrain and geographic diversity. It is home to some of the rare species of flora and fauna and a lot of migrating birds and butterflies.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal and a UNESCO preserved World Heritage Sites.

The variety of amazing species of flora and fauna in this area is a virtual treat for the eyes.

You can see animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, rhesus monkey, elephants, crocodile, python, and deer. This also includes different species of plants.

Moreover, the local Tharu cultural dance is something very unique and describes one of the authentic tribe of Nepal.

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is on the western side of Terai. It is one of the best destinations for jungle safari in Nepal.

You can watch 30 unique vertebrates and 250 types of birds in this Park. Some of them are wild boar, Hog deer, Blue Bull, Jungle cats, and more. Some others are wild Elephants, Tiger, Blackbuck, and Marsh mugger Crocodile.

Some of the birds here are Woodpeckers, Bulbul, Dove, Kingfisher, Sunbird, Babbler, Warbler, Pigeon, Stork, and more. A jeep safari is the best to witness all these animals and birds.

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is at an elevation of 6000 m above sea level and lies in the Solukhumbu district.

Along with the wildlife you will get the picturesque mountain views. Glaciers, deep valley and some of the highest mountain peaks surround this national park. Most part of the national park is 3000 m above sea level.

Sagarmatha National Park is also the place with the largest ecological variation of flora and fauna. You can find over 118 species of birds here. Impeyan Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Snow Cock, Snow Pigeon, Himalayan Griffon Vulture, and Lammergeier to name a few.

The habitat also includes animals like Musk deer, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr, Ghoral, Serow, Himalayan Black Bear. It is lush green due to the pine, hemlock, fir, juniper, and birch trees.

Besides, you can witness the authentic Sherpa Culture in this region.

Langtang National Park

The Langtang Valley is only 30 km away on the north of Kathmandu Valley.

Langtang National Park is one of the most fascinating National Park in Nepal.

It is home to the animals like Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Red Panda. You can also see the Himalayan Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Wild dog, Ghoral, Serow and many more. It is also home for more than 58 species of birds.

Makalu Barun National Park

Makalu Barun National Park is in the Solukhumbu district of the Everest region. This is the only protected area in Nepal that has a Strict Nature Reserve.

There is a sal forest below the elevation of 1000 m. At an elevation of 1000 – 2000 m, you can find Schima – Castanopsis forest, rhododendron forest at an elevation of 3000 – 4000 m.

You can choose to trek to Makalu Base Camp to witness nature in its true form.

Religious Sites

Religious Sites


Lumbini is the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal. It is in the Bhirawa district.

The ambience of Lumbini is peaceful and quiet. It is also a good place to stop and meditate to connect to your soul.

In the Lumbini Garden, you can see the markers stone that indicates the birth of the Buddha. This stone is well preserved enclosed inside the Maya Devi Temple.

Likewise, there are many monuments, stupas, and shrines in Lumbini with different architecture.

The archaeological treasure in Lumbini is still alive to this date. Nepal Historical Tour package will take you to Lumbini and a lot of other historically important sites.


Bhaktapur is a city famous in Nepal for the number of cultural sites it has. With already the place for some of the biggest festival of Nepal, Bhaktapur has the temples and other monuments. These make it one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

Bhaktapur has a lot of temples and monuments that are architecturally rich. Some of them are Nyatapola Temple, Golden Gate, Potter’s Square, Dattatreya Temple, Char Dham Temple, Taleju Bell and more.

From the language they choose to speak to the smaller tea shops with the same old taste, the city has kept the traditions and authenticity of the city alive and is precious in its own ways.

It is one of the most culturally rich cities in Nepal.


Lalitpur or Patan is also another old Newari city of Nepal. In fact, it is the oldest city of the Kathmandu Valley.

Lalitpur is a culturally rich city and one of the main highlights is the Patan Durbar Square. The ancient temples and architecture are of very classic style and the monuments still stand tall.

Walking in the narrow alleyways will show you the real ambience of Patan.

Patan has managed to keep the culture alive and strong. This is why it is one of the best places to visit in Nepal in order to experience the culture.


Kathmandu, the capital city will be your first stop of Nepal. Kathmandu with the most crowd in Nepal is busy, chaotic and beautiful at the same time.

The city is the busiest in the older market places like Ason and Indrachowk. You can see all the daily hustle of the city and the locals living their daily lifestyle.

We recommend you try some local cuisines to experience a different taste.

Another highlight is that the Kathmandu Durbar Square which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Other UNESCO World Heritage Sites are Swayambhu Stupa and the Boudha Mahachaitya. The Buddhist monuments have a different architecture giving a different and peaceful ambience.


This Mithila city is in headquarters of the Dhanusha District. It is also the birthplace of Sita, a goddess in Hindu mythology.

Janakpur is famous for Janaki Temple and the story the temple holds. Another religious site in the district is Dhanushadham.

Janakpur is popular for the historical Mithila Art, better known as Mithila Chitrakala. This is one of the ancient forms of art in Nepal. The art specializes its unique and intricate details that you can see in the house of the villages there to the walls of religious temples.

People belong in ethnic groups like Yadavs, Teli, Brahmans and more. Chhetris are the main inhabitants in Janakpur. This is why this place is so rich with the Maithili arts, traditions, and cultures.


Muktinath Temple is a Hindu and Buddhist temple right at the base of Thorong La pass of Mustang district. Muktinath Temple is a temple for people following both Hindus and Buddhists.

Muktinath temple has a golden statue of Lord Vishnu that is the size of an average human. Likewise, the temple has an image of goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, and Sita.

The Buddhist worship the image as Arya Avalokitesvara, the deity for compassion. Which is why pilgrims visit this temple for Salvation and Liberation.

Jomsom Muktinath Trek is an interesting trek that will take you to Jomsom and this holy temple.

Famous Trekking Destinations

Famous Trekking Destinations

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek is on the top list of the famous places to visit in Nepal. 160 km away from Kathmandu, this trek is a once in a lifetime journey.

The peak time to trek to the base camp of Everest is in the Spring and Autumn in Nepal.

The main highlight is the view of the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. Moreover, you will walk on the highest glacier in the world, Khumbu Glacier.

The Kala Patthar is another highlight of this trek.

On a religious side, there is Tengboche Monastery in the Everest region. The ambience and surroundings show a different way of following Buddhism. The Mani walls, Prayer flags add up to the vibe.

Namche Bazaar, your first acclimatization area, gives you a time to explore the village and to know the Sherpas closely. They are warm natured and friendly people.

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp Trek comes with a lot of surprises on the way. The distance from Kathmandu to the Annapurna Sanctuary is 168 km and the journey begins from the Pokhara.

Along the way, you will come across the gorgeous community of the Gurung and Magar. You will see their simple lifestyle up to Poon Hill. Poon Hill is another surprise of this trek giving you the most beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

You can also see the panoramic view of the Annapurna mountain range from there. Moreover, the next surprise is the Machhapuchhre Base Camp.

On your way back, you will walk across bamboo forests and other conservation areas where you can see many species of plants and animals.

You will also stop at Jhinu dada. Jhinu dada is popular for the natural hot springs that it has. You can spend a relaxing moment to heal your sore muscles and pains.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a trek full of surprises and a must visit destination in Nepal.

Rara Lake

Rara lake is in the northwestern part of Nepal. Jumla Rara Trek explores the lush forests, climbing up and down the hills, witnessing the wildlife and enjoying the serene view.

You can also enjoy the boat ride in the lake and make the best out of your visit. From Kathmandu, you will go to Surkhet. And from Surkhet you will drive to Kalikot and then reach Rara Lake.

There is also Rara National Park which adds another opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of Nepal. A short hike to Murma Viewpoint will give you an excellent view of the lake and the small villages as well.

Gosaikunda Lake

Gosaikunda Lake is in the elevation of 4380 m above sea level in the Langtang Valley.

Langtang Valley is not so far from Kathmandu so visiting Gosaikunda Lake doesn’t take a lot of time. In fact, it is one of the shortest treks you can take in Nepal.

Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu Trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations. The immense beauty captivates a lot of trekkers. It is also one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Nepal.

The Gosaikunda region has 108 glacial lakes in the surrounding.

It is best to visit this place in the Spring. There will be a lot of devotees visiting this place in Autumn. Gosaikunda Lake is a holy lake for the Hindu people.

The viewpoint above the lakes gives a jaw-dropping view of the Langtang Valley and lake itself. The beauty is surreal and will make you remember the view for a lifetime.

Tilicho Lake

In Manang district, about 179 km away from Kathmandu, is the Tilicho Lake. It is in the Annapurna Region. Annapurna Circuit Trek will take you to this mystical place.

To reach to Tilicho Lake you will have to walk past the deepest gorge in the world Kali Gandaki and Thorong La Pass.

Tilicho Lake Trekking is also famous for the exotic and desert-like trekking trails full of adventures. The views are equally stunning and you will believe that this is truly one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

To Conclude

There are a lot of places to visit when in Nepal. From the countryside to the city itself, every day there is something new to see and explore.

With time the places to visit in Nepal are becoming reachable and well facilitated. This is because of the growing number of people that visit Nepal every year.

We are more than happy to assist you with your packages and tours. Please feel free to Contact us for any further queries and details.

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