What to Expect in Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek?

What to Expect in Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek?

Nepal happens to be one of the most popular destination among the trekkers and extreme sport lovers. The fact that facilitates the best experience of the either of the activity is the unique topographical structure of Nepal. The entire northern region is made up of the Himalayan range making it a perfect destination for trekking. Among the several treks, Everest Base Camp trekking is an extremely popular one. The route leads you the base camp of the highest mountain in the world.The journey has so much to offer. Listed below are a list of things you can expect in this trek.

1. Spectacular view

The entire journey is a scenic one. The route will lead your across deep valleys, green hills, beautiful rhododendron forests, amazing waterfalls, several rivers and above all the marvelous view of the white snowy peaks. In this trek, you will get the closest view of the highest mountain in the world- Mt. Everest. Along the journey, you will come across several beautiful rural settlements. The region also happens to be home to some of the rarest wild inhabitant in the world. It is not impossible but quite difficult to spot some of them during the trek.

2. It is not as difficult as it may seems


The thought of climbing up to the base camp of the highest peak in the world does sound extremely challenging. However, the route isn’t as difficult as most people think it to be.You do not have to have past experiences or be well trained in the subject to be able to trek to EBC. With an average level of physical fitness and strong determination, you can easily conquer this trek. The region sees a lot of visitors from all over the world every year due to which the trails are well marked. There are several tea houses scattered along the route for refreshments.

3. Constraints of high altitude

The altitude you will be achieving is extremely high for the body to quickly adapt to. As you go closer to the destination, the altitude difference between small distances gets relatively high.Disregard of the level of physical fitness, you can fall and easy prey to the consequences of high altitude like altitude sickness. You will also experience a certain level of difficulty in performing easy tasks. The oxygen level is relatively lower due to which even the simplest of the task will take much of your effort.

4. High passes

The route has only few challenging sections and Kala Pathar happens to be the most challenging and thrilling one among them. Hiking to Kala Pathar is optional. It is situated at an elevation of 18,200 ft and is an incredible viewpoint of the white-mountains. It also offers a spectacular sunrise and sunset view that comes to sight as a background of the Himalayas.

5. Cultural exploration

There are several rural settlements along the route. Most of these villages is being resided by the Sherpa people. These people are popularly known for their friendly nature. They are frank, helpful and extremely welcoming. Most of their culture is derived from the Tibetans. Hence the journey not only opens you to nature’s enchantments but also to a different dimensions of tradition and lifestyle. You will get a chance to explore several monasteries and witness religious practices. You will also get to tastes local food and beverages.


These are some of the few things that you can expect in the journey. Not all of the things that the trek has can be penned down. There is so much that the trek has to offer can be known only through experience.

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