Everest Gokyo Trek Map

Nepal is a prime destination for every trekker who awaits to go too far for adventure. It has the world’s most revered trekking regions that are simply breathtaking but comes with an extremity.

One of them being Everest Gokyo Trek, a sequestered and least-traveled region in Himalaya. Given the extremity of the route, tourists abstain from visiting the lake despite its majestic beauty.

Throughout the year, the route to Everest Gokyo dismays to witness the hoard. The major reason for Gokyo’s least to fame is it’s unexplored routes and weather conditions.

It is, therefore, most trekkers opt for a private flight to Gokyo via helicopter. A regular flight from Kathmandu to Lukla through Heli is how most people begin their excursion to Gokyo Lake. The journey, of course, will offer you a lot besides the unique highlands and peaks.

But for those who covet to explore Gokyo getting yourself a map is the second-best option. The map simply plays a decisive role from here. A well-marked route with the geographical location and landforms of the region helps you withstand the pitfall alone.

The way to Gokyo Lake boasts endless rocky trails, fastening old villages in Himalaya. A map in hand will thus help you overreach these routes and make sure that you don’t miss the track.

Everest Gokyo Trek Map

Everest Gokyo Trek Map:

The map to Everest Gokyo Trek outlines the topography of the region. This includes the study of the land surface, terrains and even the prehistory and culture of the region.

You can also expect to know the uniqueness of Gokyo in general at the presence of a map. Through the Everest Gokyo Trek Map, you can foretell the number of days to be spent in the trek.

You’ll thus be able to plan the rest of your schedules and travel itinerary in accordance. By assessing the distance clinched through the map, you’ll have a less stressful experience.

The route to Everest Gokyo Trek will take you to a 13-day trial walk from Lukla including your arrival. In about two weeks of trekking, you’re expected to discover the Himalayan landforms and their lifestyle.

The culture, of course, will see a major influence of the Sherpa clan. Old monasteries and gompas are evident with monks performing the everyday rituals.

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Where is Everest Gokyo located in Nepal?

Everest Gokyo is Nepal’s best viewed and least explored regions so far. The lake lies at an elevation of 4750 meters with the mesmeric EBC just being 550 meters afar.

Meanwhile, Gokyo Ri is located on the west side of the Ngozumpa Glacier, lying beneath is the mesmerizing Gokyo lake. This tremendously monstrous peak is regarded as the highest one in the Khumbu region of the Himalayas.

Typical stone houses built with mud and clay are the accentuate of this region. Other wonders including Mt.Everest, Makalu, and Cho Oyu are what to be seen from the foot of the peak.

Everest Gokyo Trek Map

What is the best time for Everest Gokyo trek?

The trails of Everest Gokyo is a multi-day trekking route that takes around two weeks to complete. The extremity of the trails, of course, being the hindrance might cost you even more.

Still, hiking here can be done anywhere around the year given its altitude of 5357 meters. However, if you yearn to get the most out of the trip, it’s best you trek the region in the spring.

Spring season is considered the best time of the year for trekking because of its eccentric scenic view. The sky is clear at this time around and gives you a closer and unclogged view of mountains.

Autumn is another relevant time around when Gokyo Ri draws trekkers in like never before. First-timers would surely find the place freakishly mesmeric with unreal views of Mountains and landscapes.

Weather is marvelous at this season as the end of monsoon gives you a clear picture of the valley. It even has to offer you a mesmeric view of natural wilderness with lush green forests.

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Route on Everest Gokyo Trekking Map

Walking the unexposed and unheard routes of Everest Gokyo Trek can be an appalling experience. The journey becomes even unendurable in the absence of a crowd to convoy with.

It is when the Everest Gokyo Trek Map comes as a great help and rescue you from a ruffle experience. The Map indeed has an ample of well-recognized trekking routes all starting from Lukla.

The trailheads obviously split as soon as the route follows a different path instead of a single one. Needless to be fret of as the series of different routes still ends at the enticing Gokyo Ri.

The most popular trekking route followed by the trekkers at the Everest Gokyo Trek Map is stated below.

Kathmandu-Lukla-Phakding-Manjoo-Namche Bazar-Khumjung Village-Dhole-Machhermo-Gokyo Lake- Gokyo Ri

The route on the Everest Gokyo Trek Map is the shortest and quickest way to reach Gokyo Ri. The other three routes to Gokyo incorporate long trails with challenges that will extend your days in the region.

Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

Flight Duration: 40 minutes

Flight Distance: 138 km

Maximum Altitude: 2886 meters

On your arrival at Kathmandu, the respective official will see you at the Tribhuvan International Airport. From there, you’ll be driven towards your hotel so that you get some rest.

After slowing up from the exhausting flight, you can go sight-seeing in the valley. Rambling around the city washed with gleaming lights and people gets you to ease.

To help get forthcoming, you can find a restaurant near and around and have local food. Meantime, you can even commune with your guide as well as fellow hikers to travel with.

For a night, you go back to your hotel, get a nap and prepare for the trip the next day. On the first day of the trip, You’ll take a flight to Lukla Airport which will take almost 35 mins.

Lukla to Phakding

Trek Duration: 4 hours

Trek Distance: 9 km

Maximum Altitude: 2610 meter

After an exhilarating flight with scenic views drifted throughout, you’ll be arriving at Lukla Airport. From there, you’ll get a head start to your trek by walking towards Phakding Village.

Reaching the village will evince you to the Sherpa community and their way of living. The day will see you crossing the suspended deck above the Dudh Koshi River.

While following the trails, you’ll behold the natural wilderness and landscape of Himalayas. Even the enrapturing Rhododendron forest is visible on your way to Phakding Village. Your trek for the day ends at Phakding where you’ll stay at one of the local hostelries.

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Phakding – Namche Bazar

Trek Duration: 6 hours

Trek Distance: 12 km

Maximum Altitude: 3440 meters

You’ll early morning at Phakding will kick start having breakfast at the guesthouse. You then start walking to Namche Bazaar, best regarded as Sherpa Capital in Khumbu Region.

The closer you walk to the town, the more you take a peek at Mt.Everest and many other peaks. As you ascend the Namche Bazaar, there’s a possibility of you having altitude sickness.

Therefore, it’s best you wander around the town and get used to the temperature and climate. To make the best of the day, you can go on a short hike to Khumjung and Khunde.

In case you get lost or lose the track, get the help of the Everest Gokyo Trek Map. For the night in Namche, you can find a lodge or tea house.

Namche Bazaar to Dhole

Trek Duration: 5 hours

Trek Distance: 6.9 km

Maximum Altitude: 4040 meters

The following day, you’ll start trekking from the early morning. Along the trails to Dhole, you get a glimpse of exotic landscapes, nearby mountains, and peaks.

The influence of Sherpa culture and their lifestyle is sure to be witnessed at the village of Dhole. After trekking for almost 5 hours, you’ll stop by at a guest house in Dhole and take a rest.

Dhole to Maccharmo

Trek Duration: 6 hours

Trek Distance: 4023 km

Maximum Altitude: 4150 meters

From Dhole, you’ll lead the way towards Maccharmo with the help of Everest Gokyo Trek Map. The trek has you walking uphill the terminal moraine of Ngozumpa glacier. Amongst the region, it is the longest glacier to have come to know so far.

The glistening Ngozumpa is also the main tourist attraction in this region and the surrounding. While walking to Maccharmo, you can heed the disparity in the landforms and vegetation from Dhole.

You can also take notice of a mind-blowing view of the valleys and the snowy peaks from Maccharmo. Another day from your trek to Gokyo ends at Maccharmo where you’ll spend the night at a tea house.

Maccharmo to Gokyo

Trek Duration: 4 hours

Trek Distance: 6.8 km

Maximum Altitude: 4750 meters

The wait is soon to over as you now would be trekking towards Gokyo Valley. Your day from Maccharmo begins by trekking through the Ngozumpa glacier over a twisted path.

Amidst the eye-catching landscapes, monasteries, and peaks like Cho Oyo, your journey becomes no less than a joy.

From here, you’ll also find yourself surrounded by mountains like Mt. Everest, Kongde, and Pumori. After almost four hours of walking on a tricky route, you’ll finally arrive at beautiful Gokyo Village.

The village itself is fascinating to watch for many trekkers as it lies on the shore of Dudh Pokhari. To comfort you, there are true works of art in the form of monasteries on the way to the lake.

Once you reach the first Gokyo lake, all your exhaustion and torment from days long trek will disappear at once. After such mighty treks, you better stay the night at a tea house in Gokyo.

The next early morning, you’ll hike to Gokyo Ri to shrink the chances of getting altitude sickness. After a challenging trek of 4 hours, you’ll reach Gokyo Ri and get the spectacular view of Gokyo Lakes.

To enjoy the scenic view, you can spend some time at Gokyo Ro before descending back to the village.

Trek back from Gokyo to Dhole

Trek Duration:6-7 hours

Trek Distance: 9 km

Maximum Altitude: 4130 meters

It’s time to bid farewell to the quaint valley of Gokyo and head back to Dhole. To the end of your Gokyo trek, you pass through all Gokyo Lakes and leave behind Maccharmo.

Trekking across the Ngozumpa glacier and to Dhole will take you about 6 to 7 hours. Feel the tranquility and enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas from here.

Dhole to Namche Bazaar

Trek Duration: 5 hours

Trek Distance: 6.9 km

Maximum Altitude: 3440 meters

From Dhole, you’ll be returning on your way to the prepossessing Namche Bazaar. The walk to the whacking trail to Namche will take you 5 hours.

For your much tedious walk of 5 hours, scenic views of mountains, people’s lifestyle come as a great relief. A sweet and delightful night at Namche brings another day to an end.

Namche Bazaar to Lukla

Trek Distance: 7-8 hours

Trek Duration: 15 km

Maximum Altitude: 2886 meters

This is formally the last day of your trek to Gokyo. Follow the Everest Gokyo trek map and you’ll arrive at your last stop to Lukla. It brings a mixed feeling to every trekker as there will be no more sightseeing of mountains and geographical diversity.

On the way, you’ll find yourself getting through the bewitching dense rhododendron forest. Then other remarks to be added to your trek being the Sherpa village. Here you can spot traditional monasteries and gompas, prayer wheels and Mani stone.

While in Lukla, you can view the surrounding mountains, rocky cliffs and visit local shops one last time.

Flight from Lukla to Kathmandu

Flight Distance: 40 mins

Flight Duration: 138 km

Maximum Altitude: 1400 meters

No more walking the long trails and gorges as the excursion becomes easy from here. From Lukla Airport, You’ll take a direct flight to Kathmandu in the early morning.

This will take you about 40 mins to reach the valley. Since you still have a whole day, sightseeing of local temples and durbar squares comes as a great alternative.

You can also escape the city hustle by visiting local food houses and eatery. Getting a memento from nearby shopping malls is another great way to spend a day.

Departure to Airport

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to Nepal and return home with amazing memories collected. You’ll be driven to the Tribhuvan International Airport three hours before the flight. Throughout the time, you’ll get a helping hand and assisted till aboard the flight.

If you have further questions or seek travel-related information, please feel free to contact us.

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