Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Map

manaslu tsum valley trek map

A trekking map is an essential part of any trekking journey in the remote terrains of Nepal. This Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek map is an easy-to-read document that provides you with accurate information regarding this trek. They also denote the trekking route of this journey in great detail.

Moreover, the new Manaslu trek map also includes the possible side trips during this journey. This accurate map provides all the details about motor roads and trekking paths. You will have an overall idea of the distance you need to cover to arrive at your destination.

Furthermore, this map allows you to plan your logistics to avoid any hassles. Travelers can maintain a steady pace and tackle fatigue-related issues during this journey. Besides that, you can also set up acclimatization points and take shortcuts if necessary. Since the mountainous region has a poor network connection, these maps work as ideal reference points.

Therefore, trekkers should take this map with them all along the trek. Read on to know more about the Manaslu Tsum valley trek map and other related information in detail.

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Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek Map

About the Route

Our journey starts with a Kathmandu to Soti Khola scenic drive, passing through Dhading and Arkhet bazaar. Moreover, you will start your journey from Soti Khola as we continue our trek to Machha Khola. The trail then leads you to Jagat from Machha Khola.

You will pass through various Gurung villages with incredible views of snow-capped mountains. We will pass through Philim, Chumling, and finally arrive at Chhokang Paro, with Tibetan Buddhist monasteries like Tanju, Rainjam, and Gho. The beautiful Ganesh Himal range and the Tibetan Himalayan range look incredible along the trail.

The trail then leads you to the Nile via Milarepa cave, a sacred meditation cave used by the revered Yogi Milarepa. You will then start your journey from the Nile to Bajyo, passing through Tibetan settlements near the border. The Mu Gompa trail provides you with many cultural insights as you pass through the Dhephu Doma Nunnery Gompa.

Trail then passes through Yangdol Khola to arrive at Rachen Gompa, passing a beautiful waterfall. Rachen Gompa leads back to Chhokang Paro through Domje. The beautiful snow-capped mountains in the region include the Ganesh Himal range.

Domje to Bihi passes through Rachen and descends to Lokpa.

The trail then passes through various suspension bridges and passes through Nyak, Rana, Deng, and others. Travelers will then trek to Namrung on a plain terrain and then move uphill through the alpine forests. Namrung to Sama Gaon trail passes through the frozen lake of Birendra Tal.

It will then lead you to Samdo village, from where you will trek to Dharamsala/Larkya Phedi on a steep trail. The Dharamsala – Bimthang trail passes through the lateral moraine of Larkya Glacier, the frozen pass of Larkya La (5160m). The Manaslu and Annapurna massifs and the various glaciers look incredible while traveling to Bimthang.

Bimthang to Dharapani through alpine forests lead you to Gho. Travelers will pass alongside the beautiful Dudh Khola. Besisahar is another four hours off-road jeep drive from Dharapani. Finally, you will take another drive back to Kathmandu. You can enjoy fabulous landscapes filled with lush hills during your journey from Besisahar. It takes around 5-6 hours to arrive at the capital city on a scenic highway path.

manaslu tsum valley trek map
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Tsum Valley Trekking V manaslu tsum valley trek map

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Map Description

Kathmandu – Soti Khola

Drive duration: 7-8 hours

Maximum altitude: 700m

Kathmandu to Soti Khola is the starting journey of the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. Moreover, the trip also passes through scenic and diverse landscapes of the hilly region. There are many rice fields, terrace farmed hills, and serene waterfalls in the area.

Arkhet bazaar is the significant point of this journey. You can observe the beautiful Arkhet Khola as well, with many lodges along the trail. There are various means of transportation to arrive at this destination, including jeeps and local buses. Soti Khola is a beautiful settlement with greenery all around. It is also the starting point of the Manaslu Tsum Valley trek.

Sotikhola – Machha Khola

Trek duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum altitude: 863m

The Soti Khola to Macha Khola trail starts on a bumpy journey in the Budhi Gandaki basin. You can find various serene waterfalls and other natural wonders before arriving at Liding. It is a beautiful village with a camping site, and Lapubesi village near a green hill.

The peaceful and scenic town will provide you incredible adventure. Later, you will pass through the slippery trails and thrilling suspension bridges to arrive at Machha Khola. There are different accommodation facilities and medical clinics in the village located on a hilly slope.

Machha Khola – Jagat

Trek duration: 7-8 hours

Maximum altitude: 1350m

This section of the trek trails passes through narrow paths between a cliff and the Budhi Gandaki river. After trekking for some time, you will pass through Dobhan, Shyaule Bhatti, and finally arrive at Yaru.

The beautiful views of scenic Budhi Gandaki will enchant you, and you can observe lovely cascades. After trekking incredible landscapes for a few hours, you will arrive at Jagat, which has stone-paved streets. There are basic accommodation facilities and a campsite too.

Jagat – Film

Trek duration: 3-4 hours

Maximum altitude: 1570m

The trail from Jagat to Philim passes through rugged terrain alongside the Budhi Gandaki River. You will pass through various scenic landscapes while en route to Philim. The magical views of snow-capped mountains, including Shringi Himal (7161m), will enchant you along the trail. Finally, after a trek of a few hours, you will arrive at Philim, which is a large Gurung village where you can find many corn and millet fields.

Philim – Chumling

Trek duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum altitude: 2386m

Philim to Chumling trail starts with a steep ascent as it travels high up to Budhi Gandaki River. It then passes through the beautiful serene waterfall Lokpa. Travelers will pass through small streams and Siyar Khola observing majestic views of snow-capped mountains, including Ganesh Himal and Shringi Himal (7161m).

Chumling – Chhokang Paro

Trek duration: 5-6 hours

Maximum altitude: 3031m

The trail from Chumling to Chokkhang Paro traverses through Siyar Khola. The Chokkhang Paro is a Tibetan-Buddhist settlement home to various monasteries like Rainjam, Gho, and Tanju. There is also a Dzong in Chhokang Paro. The Ganesh Himal range and Tibetan Himalayan range look spectacular from the village viewpoint.

Chumling – Gumba Lungdang

Trek duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum altitude: 3200m

The trail from Chulming to Gumba Lundang passes through steep paths along the foothills of the Himalayas. Various scenic landmarks in the region provide trekkers with an incredible adventure. Trekkers will also pass through multiple routes that can lead to Ganesh Himal. Therefore, numerous mountaineers take this route to reach the base camp for their expedition.

Chhokang Paro – Mu Gompa

Trek duration: 5-6 hours

Maximum altitude: 3031m

Choking Paro is a beautiful village settlement that passes through the Milarepa Cave, a sacred meditation cave dedicated to Yogi Milarepa. You can also visit the beautiful Chi Phu Gompa before finally ascending to Siyar Khola to arrive at the Nile. You can cross the river and also visit Gongye Gompa. After arriving at the Nile, you can also extend to Mu Gompa, which lies near the Tibetan border.

Rachen Gompa – Domje

Trek duration: 5-6 hours

Maximum altitude: 2460m

The trail from Rachen Gompa to Domje starts with a crossing in a bridge that leads to Choking Paro. After descending to Siyar Khola, we will arrive at Gompa in Gho. Then we will drop along the river to reach Domje. There are various viewpoints along the trail that provide incredible views of snow-capped mountains, including the Ganesh Himal range.

Domje – Bihi

Trek duration: 5-6 hours

Maximum altitude: 2130m

Domje to Bihi is the next section of this trek as we continue our journey, descending towards lower Tsum valley. You will then pass through various settlements of Rachen before arriving at Lokpa. You will cross over a suspension bridge to enter the Manaslu Circuit Trail over the Budhi Gandaki River. Following the river will take you through Nyak, Deng, and Rana before finally arriving at Bihi.

Bihi – Namrung

Trek duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum altitude: 2630m

The trail from Bihi to Namrung passes through various settlements along a plain terrain. Then the path moves uphill through an alpine forest with green vegetation. A serene waterfall and Buddhist monasteries in Ghap will enchant any traveler before you arrive at Namrung. The Nam Gumba, in Namrung, is a beautiful attraction point along a trail. From this viewpoint, you can also observe Ngadi Chuli (7871m), Boudha Himal (6672m), Himal Chuli (7893m), and others.

Namrung – Sama Gaon

Trek duration: 7-8 hours

Maximum altitude: 3520m

The Namrung to Sama Gaon trail goes through a winding path on the Budhi Gandaki River above a ridge. The Lama and Sho settlements along the route provide you with incredible views of snow-capped mountains. After arriving at Lho, you can explore Ribung Gompa. A steep uphill climb later, we will come to Shyala along an easy and comfortable trail. We will arrive at Sama Gaon and explore the region, including the sacred Pema Chyoling Lhakhang.

Sama Gaon – Samdo

Trek duration: 4-5 hours

Maximum altitude: 3875m

The trail from Sama Gaon to Samdo provides you with incredible views of snow-capped mountains, including Manaslu (8163m). The ascending path takes you to frozen lake Birendra Tal and as we climb gently to Samdo along a quiet trail. A stunning Mani wall crossing will lead you to the Taka Choling Gompa in Samdo.

Samdo – Dharamsala/Larkya Phedi

Trek duration: 5-6 hours

Maximum altitude: 4460m

A beautiful trail from Samdo to Dharamsala passes through beautiful streams to arrive at Larkya Bazaar. The steep trail then passes through Mani walls before reaching the base of Larkya La (5160m). A path then steadily climbs Larkya Bazaar and leads you to Larke Phedi.

Dharamsala – Bimthang

Trek duration: 7-8 hours

Maximum altitude: 3590m

The trail from Dharamsala to Bimthang passes through the Larkya Glacier before arriving at Larkya La (5160m). The Manaslu and Annapurna massifs look incredibly beautiful from these mountain passes. The descending trail then passes through an icy path that provides majestic views of the glacier to arrive at Bimthang.

Bimthang – Dharapani

Trek duration: 7-8 hours

Maximum altitude: 1963m

The trail from Bimthang to Dharapani leads you to beautiful settlements and alpine forests to arrive at the Gho. Trekking along, you will pass through small settlements, including Tilje. The trail from Tilje to Dharapani is descending. You will continue the suspension bridge over Dudh Khola to arrive at this beautiful settlement.

Dharapani – Besisahar

Drive duration: 4-5 hours

Maximum altitude: 1963m

The trail from Dharapani to Besisahar starts on an off-road route. You can take a jeep which takes you around four hours to arrive at Besisahar. You will go on a descending trail to arrive at Syange village. This trail further ascends to Gharmu Phant before finally descending to Besisahar.

Besisahar – Kathmandu

Drive duration: 6-7 hours

Maximum altitude: 1300m

Besisahar to Kathmandu’s journey is a short scenic drive of around 6-7 hours. Beautiful landscapes with lush green hills and other rivers will enthrall all travelers. This scenic drive passes through Dumre, a point from where you can take an alternative trip to Pokhara.

Why is Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Map Essential?

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek map is an ideal piece of information that helps you navigate the region’s rugged and remote terrains. The map provides trekkers with all information regarding the maximum elevation, time duration, trekking distance, etc. The essential factors of this map are as follows:

Planning in advance

The Manaslu trek map will help trekkers to plan their adventure. Travelers will get detailed information about the maximum altitude, time duration, trek distance, and others. Moreover, the map also provides side information, including the arrival point, destination point, and others that are pretty helpful for planning this trek.

Ideal for side trips

The Manaslu Tsum valley trek map also provides information regarding the side trips during the trek. There are various acclimatization points that you can select through these maps to avoid altitude sickness in high-altitude regions. Furthermore, the map also provides the lesser-known routes in the Tsum valley Manaslu region.

Ideal for remote treks

The Manaslu trek map is ideal for remote and rugged terrains with connection problems. Trekkers who cannot get a proper connection can use this map to navigate along the trail. Furthermore, they can also learn about restricted areas and no entry zones so that you can be safe from any hassles along the route. Besides that, maps protect trekkers from getting lost and keep them safe along trails.

The Final Say

The Manaslu Tsum Valley trek is an off-the-beaten adventure in incredible Himalayan landscapes. Moreover, trails of this trek pass through the foothills of the Himalayas. The Manaslu Tsum valley trek map is essential information during your trekking adventure.

Trekkers can use this map to navigate through various landscapes of the region. Moreover, maximum altitude, time duration, trekking distance are significant factors that you can observe in this map. Overall, the Manaslu Tsum valley trek map is ideal for all trekkers on this journey.

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