Mardi Himal Trek 6 Days

Mardi Himal Trek 6 Days

There are some places in the world that remain under the shadow of popular ones but once they get light they steal it all. Mardi Himal Trek is one such trek that has opened recently and gained large visitors. There is one picturesque peak known as Mardi Peak( 5,587m) beneath the Mt Machapuchare(Fishtail) in the Annapurna region. And this trek which is stretched until Mardi Base Camp is popular as the Mardi Himal Trek.

Opened in 2012 A.D, Mardi Himal Trek takes 6 to 8 days to complete depending upon the itinerary. Due to its short itinerary, it has gained a good rise in the trekking world. The flow of trekkers to this particular trek is increasing every year. People come to explore and trek on the less-battered trails of Mardi Himal Trek. This trek is mainly known for its iconic mountain views, picturesque villages, and ever-green hiking trails.

As a region of the Annapurna region, there is no doubt about the lack of mountain views. Mardi Himal Trek allows you to enjoy the wide panorama of Annapurna Massifs, Mt Machhapuchhre, Mt Manaslu, Mt Hiunchuli, Mt Dhaulagiri and Mardi Himal itself.

Mardi Himal Trek 6 Days is the shortest version of the short and sweet standard Mardi Himal trek. Inside six days, you will be able to enjoy all of the things of much-hyped Mardi Himal Trek. You will start by escaping the tourist hub of Nepal; Pokhara to enter the village’s scattered trails.

Along the trails, you will walk through many traditional settlements, densely forested trails towards the mountains in the North. Your one-week-time at the surrounding of Mardi Himal will be a blessing for you. You’ll be overwhelmed by the view and trekking experience of this trek.

There is more to know about Mardi Himal Trek 6 days like its itinerary, best time, food & accommodation, and difficulties. Read the below-written things to get more info on this trek before actually thinking of doing it.

Highlights of Mardi Himal Trek 6 Days

  • Experience the much-liked short trek of Nepal
  • The shortest way to encapture the beauties of Annapurna region; only 6 days
  • Amazing walkthrough diverse and green floras and vegetation
  • Trek and enter into various iconic Gurung and Tamang’s settlements
  • Vigilant watch of popular and iconic mountains of Nepal like Annapurna and its Massifs, Mt Machhapuchhre, Hiunchuli, Dhaulagiri and some more
  • Breathtaking dusk and dawn views throughout all of the days of the trek
  • Dramatic trek from Mera Low Camp To Mera Base Camp

Best time for Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek Map

Mardi Himal Trek 6 days is one of the shortest treks in Nepal. On short trips like this, you can enjoy the benefit of planning such trips any time of a year. The shorter is the trip, lower is the weather fear, and vice versa. But still, this trek has to be scheduled at the right time of year to experience the best. The two best times or seasons for Mardi Himal Trek are Autumn and Spring which are also known as the peak trekking periods.

Autumn recedes from Mid-September to December and Spring from February to April in Nepal. You can plan anywhere between these months to have an amazing and memorable trekking experience. During these peak times, the skies tend to stay clear and so the mountains, the weather is rain & snow-fall free, temperatures are also quite warm to trek. On account of these perks, most of the adventurers like to trek Mardi Himal Trek or any other during Autumn and Spring.

On the contrary, Winter, and Summer, the two so-called off-seasons for trekking, have some good days for this trek. December to January is taken as the Winter season but the actual cold conditions start to appear only after Mid-December. So, you can plan Mardi Himal Trek 6 days before the Mid of December. From late-December, the weather turns harsher with cold temperatures and even heavy snowfall.

And Summer or Monsoon is a highly not-recommended season for trekking in Nepal. Summer is the hottest and wettest season of all with regular and longer rainfalls. June, July, and August are the three months of this season, and trails are mostly wet, muddy, and slippery. However, the Late-August or Early-June’s day does not get much rain and you can plan this trek at these times.

See, there are plenty of times in a year to plan and do Mardi Himal Trek. But, we highly suggest you pick the Autumn and Spring months, they are the unbeatables. And, if you are a peace lover you can opt for the other times of Summer and Monsoon season. On the whole, whenever you feel like it is time for the Mardi Himal, you just let us know, Base Camp Adventure, we will turn your trek one of the best trips of yours.

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How Difficult are the Mardi Himal Trek’s 6 days

To be very straight, Mardi Himal Trek is one of the easiest treks that you can do in Nepal. This is the trek that is most suitable for the beginners as the earlier starters have rated it slightly difficult. The difficulty level of this trek also corresponds to its duration; the lower the trekking days, higher will be the trekking hours. If you are a beginner who has not trekked in the Himalayas before, choose the Mardi Himal Trek 9 Days. On this trek, you will have three extra days where you can trek all relaxed.

If still, you want the shorter version of Mardi Himal Trek, you got to be mentally prepared for the longer trekking days. On the standard Mardi Trek of 9 days, you have to trek for 4 to 7 hours daily. Now, you can imagine how much you will be trekking on the 6 days Mardi trek. Walking most of the hours of a day is not an easy thing for beginners, you have to build sound health and fitness. Mardi Himal Trek 6 day’s trekking durations are not problems for the experienced trekkers.

Another difficulty for Mardi Himal Trekkers can be altitude sickness. When you are trekking anywhere in the Himalayas at an altitude of above 3500m, you will get one sure fear factor i.e Altitude sickness. And, Mardi Himal Trek takes you to the base camp of Mardi Himal which sits at an elevation of 4200m. It is obvious to feel some minor difficulties in the air if you are in the high areas and not used to high altitudes. These minor problems can turn severe if no precautions are taken. Stay hydrated, take and trek it easily to avoid this mountain sickness.

There are no other real difficulties in the Mardi Himal Trek. If you are good with the duration of this trek and altitude sickness then no one can stop from completing it. Your Mardi Himal trek will pass quite easily with lots of good memories and experience to hold on.

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Food and Accommodations during Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek 5 days

You can get food and accommodation facilities quite easily on the Mardi Himal Trek. The trekking trails of this trek are scattered with enough lodges and treehouses for its trekkers. But remember you have to be smart during the peak season like Autumn and Spring when the lodges can get quickly filled. In such times, you have to pre-book to avoid possible problems. If you are with us on this trek, we can manage all of the things, you don’t need to worry a bit also.

The food items provided by the teahouses of this trek are varied from Local menu to Continental. From any cost between 3$ to 9$, you can have Porridge, Fried Rice, Pasta, Spaghetti, Cornbread, Dal-Bhat, and some more. Dal Bhat is the most popular of them which is also called the trekking food of Nepal. Moreover, you can get tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc in all of the lodges that you entered. Water is also good to drink but you can add purification tablets to remain on the safe side.

Accommodation facilities on the Mardi Himal Trek are very basic ones with comfortable two-person-sharing rooms with or without attached bathrooms. These rooms can cost anywhere from 3$ to 5$ per night. Room charge increases with the quality of the room and services that you are getting. There are facilities for mobile charging, hot water but you have to pay an extra charge for that.

Detailed Itinerary of Mardi Himal Trek 6 Days

Day 01: Drive from Pokhara to Kande and trek to Pothana/Deurali

Altitude Gain: 2,125m

Drive Time: 1 hour

Trek Hours: 3 to 4 hours

You will hop in for the 1 hour drive to Kande after breakfast. That one hour to reach Kande will be a scenic ride where you can enjoy the distant green hills and white mountains. After reaching Kande, the walk of Mardi Himal Trek 6 days starts for the very first time. Trail to Deurali( Pothana) is an easy route through forested and terrains. Your lunch will be at the famous Australian Camp’s lodge(2000m) before you finally reach Pothana. Upon arrival at Pothana, you will check into the hotel for the overnight stay.

Day 02: Trek from Pothana to Low Camp

Altitude Gain: 3,150m

Trek Hours: 3 to 4 hours

On the second day, you will start the trek with an aim to reach Low Camp before dusk. Today’s trekking trail will meet up with the main trekking trail of Annapurna Base Camp Trek at Forest Camp(2,500m). From Forest Camp after lunch, you will make a gentle ascent amid the beautiful Rhododendron forest to reach the top of the ridge. Climbing that ridge, you reach your overnight destination, Low Camp(3,150m). From the top of Low Camp, you will take enough mountain views of Mt Fishtail( Machhapuchhre), Mardi Himal and several others. You will check-in one of the three teahouses of Low camp.

Day 03: Trek from Low Camp to High Camp

Mardi Himal Trek Map

Altitude Gain: 3,700m

Trek Hours: 5 to 6 hours

You will start today’s trek a bit earlier than the prior days of Mardi Himal Trek. That is you have to cover a good distance today to reach High camp. Your six hour long trek will begin by racing towards Badal Danda(3,200m). Most of today’s trek will make you enjoy the dense and green Alpine zone of Annapurna region. This part of forest is widely dotted with catchy Rhododendron forest. You may encounter several faunas like Danphe Pheasant also.

Then you will pass the ridge of Mardi Himal to reach High Camp. Mardi High Camp is a small pasture which is either filled with grass or else snow. The number of peaks observable from the High Camp makes a long list. Enjoy the timeless overnight at the High Camp after gazing at the awestrucking evening view of Annapurna Massifs and Mardi Himal.

Day 04: Trek to Mardi Base Camp and return to High Camp

Altitude Gain: 4,500m

Trek Hours: 5 to 6 hours

Mardi Himal Trek without Guide

The most important and demanding day of Mardi Himal Trek will start with an ascend towards Mardi High Camp. You will make continuous uphill climbs through rugged and uneven trails until the Mardi High Camp. Pushing yourself for several difficult but scenic hours ,you will reach the highest point of Mardi Himal Trek. The trekking will offer you nice views of landscapes and mountains. But, the views that are sightable from the High Camp are something else. You can enjoy the visions of Mt Annapurna, Mt Machhapuchhre, Mt Gangapurna and some other peaks in one single turn.

After satisfying your eyes and soul with the iconic mountain and landscape views, you will start to head back towards High Camp. There are no teahouses facilities on the Mardi Base Camp. The descent from base camp is quick and easy drop but you need to be careful with the rugged and slippery trails. Another overnight at the same teahouse of High Camp.

Day 05: Trek from High Camp to Siding

Altitude Gain:1,700m

Trek Hours:4 to 5 hours

After breakfast at High Camp, you will make descent towards Siding(1,700m). It will be a 4 to 5 hours long down-hill trek towards the overnight village. The trail is down-sloped with rugged and rough trails, you may find it difficult to walk over it thus do it slowly. Upon your arrival at the Siding village, you will get to see many traditional houses. This village hosts the second-last day of every Mardi Himal Trek, no matter whether it is a 6 days or 9 days trek.

Day 06: Trek to Lumre before the drive to Pokhara

Altitude Gain:1,400m

Drive Time: 2 hours

Trek Hours:4 to 5 hours

Here comes the last day of Mardi Himal Trek. You will enjoy the organic breakfast at Sidding before heading out for Lumre. On the trail to Lumre, you will cross several traditional settlements of Brahmin peoples. Your lunch will be organized at Lumre before joining the jeep ride to Pokhara. It takes only 2 scenic hours to reach Pokhara. And after reaching Pokhara, your wonderful 6 days of Mardi Himal Trek finishes.

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