12 Days Annapurna Circuit Trek

12 days annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. With the magnificent views of the Annapurna Range along with the culturally rich trekking routes, it is one of the best trekking routes in Nepal. Walking through the remote off the beaten paths passing through beautiful villages is what makes this trek so magnificent.

Trekking to the highest altitude of 5416 meters, Annapurna Circuit trek allows you to explore the Annapurna Region thoroughly. Passing the highest pass named Thorong La Pass, the 12 days Annapurna Circuit trek is an adventurous journey you shouldn’t miss out on.

Our 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek itinerary starts with a long drive from Kathmandu to Bulbule. Reaching Bulbule our trek starts. You will be trekking from Bulbule to Chyamje. On the way, you will find many waterfalls and beautiful rhododendron forests. The trek further continues till you reach Manang passing through small villages like Bagarchhap, Chame, and Pisang.

Reaching Manang, you will have your first acclimatization. At the altitude of 3500 meters, there are chances of altitude sickness so acclimatization is very important. After staying the day in Manang acclimatizing and exploring, we shall continue our trek. From Manang, now we will gain some altitude. We will now trek to Ledar and reach High Camp which is also known as Phedi.

Trekking from Pedi to Muktinath, we will cross the Thorong La Pass at the altitude of 5416 meters. This is the highest point of the trek. Passing our prayers and taking blessings, we shall now head to Tatopani via Jomsom. We shall finally end our 12 days trek by driving from Tatopani to Pokhara.


  • Be part of an adventurous journey into the remote areas of the Annapurna Region
  • Reach an astonishing altitude of 5416 meters at Thorong La Pass
  • Enjoy the magnificent views of the Annapurna Range and the neighboring peaks
  • Get your blessings at the religious pilgrimage of Muktinath
  • Enjoy the natural hot springs at Tatopani

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Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficulties

annapurna circuit trek 10 days

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a moderate level trek which can be performed by beginners as well. You don’t need any prior training for this trek. However, you should be physically and mentally prepared to trek through the remote trails. There are some difficulties you may face during your 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Altitude Sickness

Trekking to the high altitudes at above 5000 meters, there are high chances of you getting altitude sickness. So it may prove to be one of the difficulties during your trek. Altitude sickness occurs when your body has trouble adapting to the changing high altitude. As the air pressure becomes thin, the lack of oxygen increases the chances of altitude sickness.

Weather changes

In the high altitudes, the weather cannot be as steady. There can be frequent and sudden weather changes. So you should always be prepared. Especially during the summer season, rainfall can occur anytime spoiling your plans for the day. So you should be careful and choose the best time referring to the weather forecasts.

Remote trekking trails

The trekking trails are remote. Despite having motor roads for half of the trek after a long developmental time. There are still remote trekking trails during the trek. You should be careful during your trek. The trek takes you through many ups and downs. Mainly while crossing the Thorong La Pass, the trail is considered difficult. You should cross before the winds get strong. Various factors contribute to making the trekking trails difficult.

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12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek Itinerary

Annapurna Circuit Trek in December

Day 01: Drive Kathmandu to Besisahar and trek to Bulbule (923m).

Maximum Altitude: 1400 m

Drive Duration: 6-7 hours

Our 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek starts with a long drive from Kathmandu to Bulbule. The drive takes around 6-7 hours. You will have breaks along the way for lunch.

Leaving the busy city behind, the drive will take you to the more natural and remote parts of the country. You will see beautiful landscapes align the way. The green forest along with the views will leave you amazed.

The drive takes you to Besisahar after 7 hours and you will trek to Besisahar for a short while. The trek will be just as beautiful walking through the remote trails with beautiful views.

After a short hike, you will see the beautiful village of Bulbule. You can enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains like Manaslu and Himalchuli from the small village. Today, you will spend the night at a tea house or a lodge at Bulbule.

Day 02: Trek from Bulbule to Chyamje (1400m).

Maximum Altitude: 1400 m

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Today, we shall start our day with some healthy breakfast at Chyamje. Soon, we will head towards Chyamje at the altitude of 1400 meters.

The trek from Bulbule to Chyamje is a short trek through the beautiful trekking trails. leaving Bulbule, we shall head towards Bahun Danda. This palace got its name from the settlement and its inhabitants. The brahmin settlement is a great experience of the culture and lifestyle. Leaving the beautiful settlement, we will cross the Marshyangdi river passing through many beautiful small waterfalls and head towards our destination.

Crossing a suspension bridge, we will finally reach Chyamje and spend the night at a tea house or a lodge in the beautiful settlement at Chyamje.

Day 03: Trek from Chyamje to Bagarchhap (2160m).

Maximum Altitude: 2160 m

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

After a good night’s sleep and enough rest, we shall now head to Bagarchhap. Bagarchhap is a beautiful settlement with Tibetan influenced culture and lifestyle. The community is mostly Buddhist so you can see Buddhist prayer flags align the way as well.

Leaving the Chyamje village, you will trek down the beautiful trekking trails to a small place called Tal. Crossing the suspension bridge enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding area, you will head towards Dharapani. Entering the Manang district, you can see beautiful sceneries and soon come across long stone stairs.

From Dharapani to Bagarchhap, you will see many chortens and old stupas. Reaching Bagarchhap, you can see the Buddhist cultures and lifestyles of people as well. You will spend the night at a tea house here.

Day 04: Trek from Bagarchhap to Chame (2630m).

Maximum Altitude: 2630 m

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Our next destination is Chame. Chame is also known as the headquarters of Manang. Today you will trek for 4-5 hours covering a distance of 13 kilometers.

The trekking trails from Bagarchhap to Chame are filled with uphills and downhills. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains like the Lamjung Himal along with the lush green forests. You can also find yourselves some great markets in the area to explore.

Crossing a river along the way, you will reach Kopar. From Kopar, a trekking trail leads you straight to Chame.

Day 05: Trek from Chame to Pisang (3300m).

Maximum Altitude: 3300 m

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

Leaving the beautiful village of Chame behind, we will head towards Pisang today. Heading towards Pisang, we shall cross the Marshyangdi River. Crossing the suspension bridge, we will head towards Bhartang. Enjoying the beautiful narrow trails surrounded by forests of pine and hemlock, we will head to the Marshyangdi River Valley.

Crossing the valley, we will reach the Dhukur Pokhari. Beautiful meadows will greet you as you leave the valley with clear views of the mountains in the distance.

Soon you will also witness the Paungda Danda Rock shaped like a bowl. Crossing the rock, you will reach Pisang in a matter of minutes. You will rest at a tea house in the beautiful settlement at Pisang.

Day 06: Trek from Pisang to Manang (3500m).

Manang Trek

Maximum Altitude: 3500 m

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

After a long trek, we shall finally cross 3500 meters altitude today as we head towards Manang. The small village of Manang is a great destination for amazing views and cultural exploration.

The trekking trail from Pisang to Manang has a great view of the neighboring peaks like the Pisang Peak and the Annapurna Range. The exotic flora and fauna along the way is another great highlight of the trek. You will come across many stupas and chortens along the way. Also, there is a small lama school along the way.

Crossing the Lama school, you will soon reach Manang Village. Rest up and enjoy yourselves as you will be spending the night at a tea house in the village.

Day 07: Acclimatization day in Manang.

Maximum Altitude: 3519 meters

Now that we have reached an altitude of 3500 meters, we should take a short acclimatization break. Today, we shall take an acclimatization day in Manang. Acclimatization is very important during high altitude treks to keep your body safe from altitude sickness.

Acclimatization does not mean you have to stay still. You can enjoy the day as an exploration day in Manang Village. There are so many things to do in this small village. You can also try to go on a short hike to Khangsar Hill to enjoy the beautiful view of Tilicho Lake. there is a 900-year-old monastery for you to explore as well. Spending the day in Manang, you can enjoy yourself and rest up for the next day.

Day 08: Manang to Ledar (4250m) Trek.

Maximum Altitude: 4250 m

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

The next day begins with beautiful views of the Annapurna Range and a trek to Ledar. The trek from Manang to Ledar is an uphill climb. At an altitude of 4250 meters, Ledar is a small village with beautiful views of the landscape and unique flora and fauna.

Walking through the trekking trails leading to Thorong La Pass, you will head to Ledar. You will pass through many beautiful places on the way like the Marshyangdi River Valley and the Jarsang Khola. Finally reaching Ledar, you will find the vegetation getting more sparse. We will rest at a tea house for the day,

Day 09:Trek from Ledar to Pedi or High camp (4,600m).

Maximum Altitude: 4600 m

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

From Ledar, we shall head to Pedi or High Camp at the altitude of 4600 meters. The trek is an uphill climb taking 6-7 hours.

On your way to High Camp, you will cross a river and head towards the settlement at Phedi. You can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the mountains and the landscapes from the trekking trails. You will finally reach High Camp and settle down for the day at a guest house.

Day 10: Trek from Phedi to MuktiNath (3,710m).

Maximum Altitude: 5416 m

Trek Duration: 7-8 hours

Leaving Phedi, we shall trek for a long time today. Today we will reach the highest point of our trek. On our way from Phedi to Muktinath, we will cross the Thorong La Pass at the altitude of 5416 meters.

You should leave early morning to cross this pass as the afternoon winds are too strong. We shall cross the pass before noon while enjoying the picturesque views of the mountains.

Crossing the pass, we will make our descent back to the Muktinath Temple. The temple in the lower Mustang region is a popular pilgrimage site.

Day 11: Mukti Nath to Tatopani via Jomsom (2750m)

Maximum Altitude: 2750 m

Trek Duration: 1-2 hours

Drive Duration: 4-5 hours

After a morning visit to the famous pilgrimage site in Muktinath, we shall take our blessings and head to Tatopani. There is no direct route to Tatopani so we will pass through Jomsom.

Trekking to Jomsom from Muktinath takes around an hour or two. From Jomsom, we will drive to Tatopani. You can relieve your stress and the tiredness from the trek bathing in the natural hot springs at Tatopani.

Day 12: Drive from Tatopani (1190m) to Pokhara.

Maximum Altitude: 1190m

Drive Duration: 7-8 hours

Today is the final day of our 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek itinerary. Today we shall end our trek with a long drive from Tatopani to Pokhara. The drive will be a scenic and exciting one as you glance at the beautiful sceneries from your window. Reaching Pokhara we will part our ways and end our adventurous trip.

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Best time for Annapurna Circuit Trek

annapurna circuit trek weather and temperature

Knowing what the Annapurna Circuit Trek has in store for you, you must be in a hurry to take this marvelous journey. Are you wondering what the best time for the trek is? Well, we have brought you all the information you need about the trek at all times of the year.


Autumn is the most preferred and the best time of the year for you to take our 12 days Annapurna Circuit trek. Let us assure you that your 12 days of the trek will be filled with nothing but memories of the beautiful views and the adventures this autumn. Lasting through the months of September to November, you can enjoy the beautiful Autumn season in Annapurna Region. The favorable temperature and clear weather will give you the best trekking experience. With the skies being clear, you can also enjoy the best views of the mountain ranges.


Another great time for your 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek is the spring season. Lasting through the months of March, April, and May, the spring season brings about a different side of the trekking trails. With beautiful flowers blooming and all the exotic flora and fauna out for you to witness. The months of March to May are great for your trekking experience. The moderate temperature and the beautiful views will leave you mesmerized and in love with the remote trekking trails of the Annapurna Circuit Trek.


Summer in Nepal is incorporated with the monsoon season. This means summer consists of heavy rains. The summer season lasts through the months of June, July, and August. There are some great views during the summer season like the waterfalls. You will get to see many waterfalls during your trek during the summer season. As long as you check the weather and travel during the end of the summer season, the rainfall will be much lighter. Be prepared if you are trying to trek during summer. The roads may be slippery during the rain and the rainfall can cancel your plans or the day so prepare yourselves for these situations.


As for the winter season, the winter around the Annapurna Region gets pretty cold. Lasting through the months of December, January, and February, winter can be pretty harsh. Attempting the Annapurna Circuit Trek during the winter is not recommended. However, if you are trying to trek in the winter, try to trek during the winter so the temperature is not overwhelmingly cold. Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Carry all the warm clothes and other warm essentials for the trip.

Tips for your 12 days Annapurna Circuit Trek

  • You should be physically and mentally prepared for your trek. It is best if you indulge in some cardio and physical exercises prior to your trek. This helps build some stamina.
  • Proper acclimatization is important to protect yourself from altitude sickness. Also, you should stay hydrated to avoid any altitude sickness.
  • You should carry a water bottle for yourself. Also, don’t forget to get some water purifier pills with you to avoid any infections from the water.
  • Thorong La Pass is a difficult part of the trek. You should cross this pass before noon so the winds don’t get too strong. However, as it is at a high altitude take your time.
  • You should try to carry your own medicines for yourself. It is safer to keep your own medicines.

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